(supposed to be) a park lamp

I’m in the mood to write in English, so bear with my not-so-good English ‘kay?

As usual, during my ‘recharging process’ back at my home in Bogor, my lil’ sis’ always have something for me to work on. Like that time, when I helped her with her art project, making a lovely pentagon purse. This time, I was asked to help her made a park lamp.

Today, there will be an art exhibition in her school. Her class will perform a poetry musicalization, using the Latinos theme. I was showed her costume she will be wearing, it was cool!! The blouse, satin red with ruffles, combined with a black highway pants. Plus, a pair of red heels, and fedora hat. I’m sooo curious what she will be like, ahahaha.

So, one of the background for the performance is a park, with a fountain, chair, and of course, a park lamp. When she knew I was going home this weekend, she volunteered herself to make the lamp. She knew exactly that I would help her making it -_-

And here it is, a park lamp, minus the pole…

not bad rite?

not bad rite?

Okay, now back to work…

monday is good, monday is good,

take a deep breath *huuuuuummmph*, let it out *fyuuuuuuuhh*

  1. hihihihi..
    kayanya nulisnya sambil kepikiran kerjaan yaa,, itu di bagian akhir spertinya sdang penuh beban.. 😛

  2. another handmade project… nice..
    btw, i’ve found papercraft pattern for hogwarts castle diorama..
    it spends about 35 pages…

  3. demo ne, kita kalah. hahaha n nee saya nangis pas pulang wakaka crybaby abish.
    eke mo nonton transformers loh! premiere! nyahahaha *pamer k orang yg sedang jobless*

    wow. papercraft 35 pages?! jdi semangat pengen buat juga deehh! ayo nee! jobless khan? let’s make papercraft

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