Quick Update

  • This blog will be moving out to its new home! Yay!! But new home is still in a mess, gonna take some time before it officially move.
  • I… will be going to… Korea!! Finally, one of my dreams is accomplished 😀 Wish me luck guys, coz this is my first overseas trip. And quite a long trip, maybe (I reaaally hope not) for 2 months.
  • This shoe I’m wearing is killing me slowly!! 🙁 I think I was buying it at the wrong time. Is it true that people’s feet get smaller at night??

Owkay, that’s all, see you in the next post!!

  1. ihiiiyyyy~!! itterashai. ternyata nee, beasiswa yg eke bilang k korea itu cuman 40 %, sisanya kita bayar ndiri. hahahaha geeloo. g jdi deh.. T^T

    pke shoe yg mana emang? makanya.. beli sepatu tu sama si mamah.. hahahah

  2. ngga Mit
    justru makin sore kaki makin melar
    jadi malah disaranin jgn nyobain spatu pas pagi2 ^^

  3. mithaaaaa…. ke korea ya? asik donk..
    di kota mana?


  4. Hahaha, emang asyik kalo impian kita tercapai ^^ Jadi inget aku dulu waktu pertama ke Korea. Tapi impianku bukan ke Korea sih, tapi megang & ngerasain salju 😀

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