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A story

…I made up when I was sitting in ‘angkot’, on my way home… just a little fiction going on in my head, blame my imagination for running wildly ^^

dia (9/26/2009 6:32:04 PM): hey, partner…
dia (9/26/2009 6:35:25 PM): hey
dia (9/26/2009 6:36:13 PM): what’s going on there?
dia (9/26/2009 6:36:47 PM): nothing, same place, same people, u?
dia (9/26/2009 6:37:12 PM): same here.. still stuck at the same place, but can’t wait to get out
dia (9/26/2009 6:37:30 PM): hehe
dia (9/26/2009 6:40:22 PM): uhmm.. last time I check on ur fb u’re in relationship ^^ congratz
dia (9/26/2009 6:41:07 PM): yeah thx

“naak! makaaan!!!” …dan dia pun tersadar dari lamunannya. Pointer mouse nya masih menunjuk pada sebuah nama di Yahoo! Messenger. Offline. Sudah lama dia tidak melihat gambar wajah di sebelah nama itu berwarna kuning, selalu abu-abu.

“iya maa!!” jawabnya, sambil buru-buru menutup laptopnya, sebelum ibunya mengomel panjang.

my (sister) website project

…which is called -paper bliss- *well, I think the exact name hadn’t been decided yet, but let’s just call it -paper bliss-*

a website about paper art, and four kinds of it: origami, kirigami, papercraft, and paper tole…

According to her, this project’s supposed to be a semester project of her computer study at high school. When I first hear that, I was like “wow, making a website, at high school??”, coz as I remember, my first making a website was during my first semester at college.

Anyway, she asked my help. So during this holiday, I spend my time helping her design the web. But in the end, I become sooo much involved ^^; End up I treat it as my very own project. It’s been a while since I ‘play’ with photoshop + html + css + javascript, and I have so much fun!!!

Uhmm.. maybe this is a little too much for a highschool project ^^; But I don’t care, as long as I have fun, hohoho… And I couldn’t resist to show you my work… ^___^ I guess I’m too proud of it ;p


There’s a saying…

“The harder you try to forget something, the more you think about it unconsciously”

– Sigmund Freud

So true… -_-

Penasaran, teori ini bisa ga yah diaplikasikan di saat-saat menjelang ujian? ^^; Just try to forget every single word you read in the book, or what the lecturer said, and voila… you will think about it unconsciously during exam…

ahahaha, seems too good to be true ^___^

Our Cat and Scrambled Eggs


Have you seen a cat who is really fond of scrambled eggs??

Our old cat, an 8 years old cat *for a cat lifetime, 8 has been already considered veeery old*, is addicted to scrambled eggs ^^;;

Just show him an egg, and he will start begging *actually I wanna write ‘meowing’ but it sounds weird* for us to make him a scrambled eggs…

No, I’m not exaggerating ^^ he really is a unique cat…

…and we reaaaaally love him ^_____^

p.s. : dear mbah tuteg, don’t you dare die when I’m not at home!!!

Stop This Train, and Give Me Much Food!!!


Lyric?? show

I’ve been addicted to this song
An old song, I know..
But it kinda speaks what’s going on in my head right now

Wish I could just turn back time
Stop the time…


Owkay, enough with the mellow part ^^ here is a little update:

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[Shift + Del]

Are you sure you want to remove the folder ‘him’ and all its contents?


The file ‘heart.db’ is a system file.
If you remove it, your computer or one of your programs may no longer work correctly. Are you sure you want to delete it?


Baru kepikiran *abis menghapus file2 gak penting di laptop*, kalau lagi patah hati bisa kayak gitu enak juga kali ya..

Eits, jangan salah sangka dulu, saya ga lagi patah hati kok *amit-amit jangan sampe*. Lagi terbawa suasana abis nonton drama korea *yang bikin penasaran karena blum tamat, dan sisa episodenya ada di komputer kantor*..

Hummh.. Apa ke kantor sekarang ya? ;p

(Such a Short) Summertime in Korea

I’m home!!!

Well, actually it’s been a week since I get back home from Korea ^^; But, I got no mood to write anything, until now. There’re sooo much things to write about >_< but… my brain works just like a computer. When you put too much things inside, it will be overloaded, and crashed ~_~ Moreover, there will be too much bad sectors in the memory.. *sigh*

In short, forgive me for not writing in details about my days in Korea. I can only tell you this, I have sooo much fun!!! ^__^ Especially when we’re going to Everland, and rode T-Express, world’s steepest wooden roller coaster (77 degrees). Scary? yes, so much!! Yet so addictive ^^ makes me wanna ride it again and again.

Unfortunately, there’re still many places I haven’t visited yet. It’s because my last week there was already Ramadhan, and going out + summer + fasting isn’t a really good combination ^^;

About the fasting itself… because it’s still summer, so noon is longer, and it means longer time before uhmm.. ‘berbuka’ (can’t find the perfect phrase for this in english ^^;). Besides, most of the time I spent at office, more like in a freezer actually ~_~, it’s freaking cold!! Cold makes me hungry -_- and sleepy, so I was craving for coffee, but not allowed to drink it T__T

Thank God I have companion, who also can cook, during ‘sahur’ (can’t find the phrase for this too..) time, coz God knows I’m such a lousy morning-wake-up-person ^^; and yeah, such a lousy cook too.. hohoho… There was only a day when we skipped ‘sahur’ because of late wake up -_-. But it’s okay, only one day can be considered a record for me, comparing with when I was still a student ^^;

Oh, and the first words I got when I reach the front door of my house: “wow, your skin.. so dark!!” -_- yeah, I got reaally tan!!! huks… damn summer.. but still, an unforgettable one ^__^

So here it is, the soundtrack for this post (not really fit in as a soundtrack actually, but, oh well.. I like it…)

New Kids on the Block, with, Summertime… It was their first single after a long (14 years!! wow..) hiatus. Enjoy!!


Lyric?? show