(Such a Short) Summertime in Korea

I’m home!!!

Well, actually it’s been a week since I get back home from Korea ^^; But, I got no mood to write anything, until now. There’re sooo much things to write about >_< but… my brain works just like a computer. When you put too much things inside, it will be overloaded, and crashed ~_~ Moreover, there will be too much bad sectors in the memory.. *sigh*

In short, forgive me for not writing in details about my days in Korea. I can only tell you this, I have sooo much fun!!! ^__^ Especially when we’re going to Everland, and rode T-Express, world’s steepest wooden roller coaster (77 degrees). Scary? yes, so much!! Yet so addictive ^^ makes me wanna ride it again and again.

Unfortunately, there’re still many places I haven’t visited yet. It’s because my last week there was already Ramadhan, and going out + summer + fasting isn’t a really good combination ^^;

About the fasting itself… because it’s still summer, so noon is longer, and it means longer time before uhmm.. ‘berbuka’ (can’t find the perfect phrase for this in english ^^;). Besides, most of the time I spent at office, more like in a freezer actually ~_~, it’s freaking cold!! Cold makes me hungry -_- and sleepy, so I was craving for coffee, but not allowed to drink it T__T

Thank God I have companion, who also can cook, during ‘sahur’ (can’t find the phrase for this too..) time, coz God knows I’m such a lousy morning-wake-up-person ^^; and yeah, such a lousy cook too.. hohoho… There was only a day when we skipped ‘sahur’ because of late wake up -_-. But it’s okay, only one day can be considered a record for me, comparing with when I was still a student ^^;

Oh, and the first words I got when I reach the front door of my house: “wow, your skin.. so dark!!” -_- yeah, I got reaally tan!!! huks… damn summer.. but still, an unforgettable one ^__^

So here it is, the soundtrack for this post (not really fit in as a soundtrack actually, but, oh well.. I like it…)

New Kids on the Block, with, Summertime… It was their first single after a long (14 years!! wow..) hiatus. Enjoy!!


Lyric?? show

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