Stop This Train, and Give Me Much Food!!!


Lyric?? show

I’ve been addicted to this song
An old song, I know..
But it kinda speaks what’s going on in my head right now

Wish I could just turn back time
Stop the time…


Owkay, enough with the mellow part ^^ here is a little update:


I’m at home right now, enjoying my holiday, a full week of holiday ^^v. Sleep late, wake up late, bath late… lazying around, oh, how much I miss those things… I’ll enjoy every minute of this!!!


I stop importing notes in my facebook account from this blog. paramitopia feels kinda lonely lately, coz no one post comments here anymore ^^; They all post ’em at facebook… Besides, I feel more secure if I only share my words here, don’t have to think twice before I hit the publish button. Facebook become too crowded lately -_-; And I really really have to let these words out of my mind, or… I will lose my good sleep time…

Last, but not least,

I lose my weight a lot T__T Around 5kg less from my former weight. I guess it’s because I’ve been fasting, plus the workload in the office is sooo.. uhm.. you know. I personally can handle it, but it seems like my weight not ^^; So, in this holiday I decided to eat as much as I can!! Dear mom, please make me a very very delicious food, will ya??

And in this moment, I would like to say:

Happy Ied everyone!!!

Please forgive me for all mistakes I have done to you…
Wrong words, wrong acts, wrong thoughts
If you could, please [Shift+Del] them, kay? ^^
And let’s start anew…

Happy holiday!!!

That’s all… see ya around!! ^^

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