Our Cat and Scrambled Eggs


Have you seen a cat who is really fond of scrambled eggs??

Our old cat, an 8 years old cat *for a cat lifetime, 8 has been already considered veeery old*, is addicted to scrambled eggs ^^;;

Just show him an egg, and he will start begging *actually I wanna write ‘meowing’ but it sounds weird* for us to make him a scrambled eggs…

No, I’m not exaggerating ^^ he really is a unique cat…

…and we reaaaaally love him ^_____^

p.s. : dear mbah tuteg, don’t you dare die when I’m not at home!!!

  1. dia g akan mati sampe saya keluar rumah ini. hahahaha
    sepi yah nee

  2. yaaaah… jangan doong..
    kan bentar lagi dirimu kuliah bu >.< keluar dari rumah kan itu?? ato mau kuliah di ipb aja? ;p gpp sepi, berarti ga banyak yang baca.. makin sepi makin bebas menulis, ahahahah ^^

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