Bubuw, in memoriam

I dunno why, but from all of the cats I’ve ever known since I’m a little girl *fyi, that’s quite a big number*, he is the most unforgettable one… And now he’s gone *missing, not dead*, maybe someone took him away because he’s just too cute T___T He used to be my partner when I need to play around, run here and there, to burn some calories. Or when I need something to be bullied, to entertain myself, ahahahah… Uuugh, how much I miss you, buw…


Even Chris Brown made a song for him.. Aww, thx Chris, how sweet of you ;p Here you go, have a listen…

“I need you buubuw, I gotta see you buubuw…”


Lyric?? show

So sorry for the brutal modification of the lyric ^^; Just googling it if you wanna know the original one…

*now, I’m just gonna find another cat to be bullied, here… kitty kitty…*

  1. I miss bubuw too… T^T tdi mining tiba” beranak lagi. dan anaknya udah mati. dan anaknya warna abu”..

    why oh why

  2. tungtung..T_T
    you left me imagining bout tungtung mit..only can imagine it..

  3. imagine mba, nasib si tungtung di masa-masa development ini, bisa-bisa kelaperan sampe jam 11 malem ;p trus, makannya malem-malem, ntar buncit deeeh… wahahah..

  4. eh kamuuuu….
    itu mah…aku…*lho…hahahaha*
    selundupin kantor mit.. 😛

  5. mmm…dua hari lalu aku mungut anak kucing, masi kecil banget warna item…
    tadinya mau dipiara di kost, tapi ternyata bu kost ga mengijinkan…
    mau mengadopsi ngga? 😀

  6. wuooo… tapi tapi, lagi sibuk2 gini, kasian sama kucingnya >_< ntar terlantar, baru makan jam 12 malem ^^;

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