I was just curious about Samsung Corby ad jingle song. Such a fun and cheerful and full-color song >_< So with a little help from Google, here I found…

Technicolour, by Paloma Faith… You can find the ad for Samsung Corby here. No, I won’t place the ad in my blog, though I’m working there ;p


Lyric?? show

Love this song, quite a mood enhancer ^^

*should I buy one? this Corby? ;p*

  1. why buy, can’t you just ask one from your boss? :p

  2. ahahahah… wish I could ^^; uhmm… siapa tau setelah development beres, masing-masing dikasih hadiah Corby satu yaa *ngarep*

  3. masa ga disponsorin mit? ­čśŤ

  4. jiahh, hape baru mah mana dapet XD
    kalo HTS, Compo, ato MP3 lama tuuuh, baru deh dapet gratisan ^^

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