Owl City

For now, i’m so hooked on their songs. Kinda like children’s songs, but so relaxing, love it! Makes me wanna dance like a 5 years-old-girl while listening and humming to it. Ugh, how I miss my childhood ^^ Here you go, Fireflies, their most popular single.


Lyric?? show

This one’s my fave. Hummmh, maybe the video that makes it more interesting, so cute ^^ Don’t fully understand the meaning tho ;p Why bird and worm??? Bird eats worm, doesn’t it?

If you’re the bird, then I’m the worm… We were meant to be…

Oh, and I’ll kiss you between the ears made me giggle, funny and sweet >.<


Lyric?? *ah, the video itself is embedded with lyric rite? no need to write it down here ;p*

  1. hee lagu ini..baru sekarang liat videonya *bengong :D*

  2. yg fireflies videonya emang agak2 ‘ajaib’ ;p
    ada yang bilang, denger lagunya ‘feels like see everything in pixel’ ^^

  3. aku juga suka ma owl, so nice.. *tamu VIP uda lewat, uda boleh maenan internet, ayo youtube an wakakakak*

  4. ih, pas banget ya, pas tamu VIP mau lewat internet mati… konspirasi, saya mencium adanya konspirasi >_< now, let's youtube-an!!! hehehe...

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