Room Makeover Project #1: My Dream

Do you wanna know, what I’ve been dreaming of recently?


Here, take a closer look…


Yep, Europe… I’m coming!!! ^^

This project made me go to bed *for real ;p the first picture was just me acting sleep* at 2 o’clock in the morning. But this morning I woke up fresh and happy, maybe it’s caused by the wonderful dream I had ^^

Inspired by Katie with her super-creative thoughts 🙂

  1. nice project mit 🙂

  2. mau maumaumaumaumaumauamau! hahah kalo dah kekumpul lagi semangatnya, bikinin lagi yah nee!

  3. @mba uul
    sebagai pengingat kalo aku punya mimpi ^^ hidup tanpa mimpi kayak sayur tanpa garem ;p

    hehe.. oke oke ^^
    masih semangat kok, mungkin weekend ini, kan ta pulang tuh..

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