Daily Archives: September 5, 2010

Saturday Night at La Place Stanislas

La Place Stanislas at night ^^ Très belle vue, I just… love it!

Actually, I also spent my Friday night here, with some friends. But at that time we were focusing on finding food, for dinner ^^; so I didn’t have time to stop by and take pictures.

Uhmm, I’m such a newbie and amateur at photography, taking picture of night view is so very difficult for me. It takes a lot of shots *and time* before I can get the perfect one ;p. And sometimes, after that quite a lot shots, the pictures still aren’t that good *sigh*.

So, on Saturday night, I decided to go out there, alone. Besides, staying in my room only get me depressed -_-. I went at 8 o’clock in the evening, when the sun started to hide itself. In Nancy, you really can’t rely on bus or tram after 8 o’clock, so you have to walk everywhere at night >.<.

But it’s okay, it was so cold, around 8 °C according to this. Walking is the only way to get warmed. Also, walking will give you a better view of everything, and enough time for taking pictures ;p.

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