Résidence Universitaire Provençal, B422

This post is dedicated to my dear mom, who is very curious where her daughter lives, and if she can sleep well at night…

Hi Mom!! ^^

As I promised, here I show you my room, though I prefer you come here and see it for yourself ;p. First, when you first enter the room, you can see the closet at the left side, and bathroom at the right. Ehemm, yap, of course I did some cleaning up before taking pictures ^^v

After that, you can find the mini-kitchen at the right, and the shelves at the other side. You can see my rice cooker there, rite? So you can be at ease now, you daughter eats properly here ;).

Then, here we go, to the bedroom! The heater below the window is not working yet, maybe later in the winter. The bed is small, but it fits me ^^. One problem is… there’s only one pillow! And a very small one >_<

That’s it! The room, uhmm… kinda boring I must say ^^. Maybe because of the colour, so dull. But all in all, it’s quite good. Oh, and lastly…

Maybe not as full as fridge at home, but… it’s enough ^^ I can find snacks anytime I need them. So don’t worry about me, okay? I’m fine here 😉 Give my hugs and kisses for everyone…

with love,

your daughter

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  1. Beli bantal sendiri aja mit… sekitar 10 eur kayanya… Wong ngasi ibu2 10 eur aja langsung gak pake mikir 😛

  2. lebih luas dr stay 7 ga mit? kl sendiri cukup deh, mgkn boring ny krn sendirian, kl rame2 kan ada tmn ngobrol ny ^^

    byk rak yg ms kosong..lama2 kekny bakalan penuh ^^

  3. ih gede jg ya buat sendirian, not bad.. jadi pengen hidup sendiri. hihi.

  4. thanks a lot for this posting. It makes me relieve that you can sleep well and can eat rice if you want to..
    miss you so much.

  5. Hum… Lenovo.. 😀

  6. @zakka: nggg.. i believe i was hipnotized, yeah, that must be it ^^; abis itu langsung kliyengan soalnya *alesan*

    @mbak erva: lebih luas stay7 deh, dan jauh lebih enaaak >_< *jelas, ada tv, microwave* iya, mungkin juga, jadinya tiap hari pasti play mp3, biar agak rame ^^ owh, rak2 itu, kita lihat satu tahun lagi :)) @mbak nyun: iya, lumayan gede... really? believe me, tidak seindah yang dibayangkan mbak ^^ @mum: ehehhe, i miss nando @__@ *lohh, malah kangen kucing, hehe* @bosbes: jiahh, malah ngomenin laptop.. kenapa bos? keren yah? ;p

  7. eh kamarnya simple banget 😀

  8. iya kaaan, dibandingkan sama yg lain kayaknya ini yg paling simple deh, huhu…

  9. ini flat gitu ya mit? bukan asrama?

  10. nggg.. bukan asrama sih, iya kali ya flat, tapi punya (atau mungkin kerja sama dg) universitas… tapi dapurnya gedean di stuttgart sana, pra >.< masaknya bisa lebih puas tuh ;p

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