Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

First Weekend of October

When the autumn has officially started…

My weekend began from Friday night, when I decided to watch The Town with my friend, at Cameo *according to him, the only movie theater where Hollywood movies are played without French dubbing*. I’m surprised with the studio though, uhm… small, and the seats aren’t even aligned in steps. But it’s not too bad ^^ at least I still could enjoy the movie without any sight of people’s head who sat in front of me. The movie? Until now I still don’t understand why the rating at IMDB is 8.2/10 ;p. It’s kinda hard to understand the dialogues *French subtitle didn’t help*, especially if all I could hear in every sentence is f**k.

Then Saturday came… I woke up when it’s almost time for lunch ^^; And what’s for lunch?

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