Room Makeover Project #3

Continuing the tradition (#1 & #2), I’ve started to collect things that can help me boost my mood, when I’m staying in my room. Now let’s see…

I bought it to anticipate the (rumoured) freezing cold room during winter. Turns out this one is too big for my bed ^^; But I don’t mind, as long as I can sleep peacefully. Ugh, just looking at the picture makes me wanna jump into the bed and bury myself inside that warmth..

Okay, I bought this one more because of its functionality rather than for decoration. After considering that I will spend a lot of time sitting on this chair, I decided to make my a*se more comfortable on it ;p.

I found them today at the 99 cents shop when I was looking for something to put my accessories. Falling in love instantly, mostly because they’re so cute and cheap. I love miniatures! But nooo, they’re more than just decorations 🙂

Now my Ace can also sit comfortably while doing ‘sunbathing’ 😉 And I can just pack the mini suitcase for accessories if I’m going to travel.. Okay, now I really want to travel to the dreamland, ciao!

  1. mit, beberapa gambarnya ngga muncul. cuman gambar pertama aja yang muncul.

    pensaran sama make overnya 😀

  2. aaaa hapenya samaa XD

  3. itu selimut gimana bawa pulangnya? dikirim? bakal gede kan diuntel2.. hehehe

  4. nah, sempet kepikiran, tapi dipikirinnya nanti aja kalau udah mau pulang *kalo jadi pulang, hahah*
    tapi sempet dikasitau sama temen ada plastik hampa udara itu loh mbak, biar jadi kempes gitu.. kayak kalo beli bantal yang masih baru..

    • ooiyaa.. aku baru inget ada gituan. kalo punya vacum, bisa buat sekalian nyedot udaranya, asal km jgn ikutan jd hampa juga ya.. *haalaaaaah*

      • hampa terasa.. hidupku tanpa dirimu.. 😉 entah kenapa tiba” terdengar alunan back sound abis baca komentarnya, ahahah :))

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