When I Am Old One Day

Will I sit in the park, time on my hands to soak up the sun…
or will I have made my mark, and still have some things that have to be done?


Lyric? show

Mary Hopkin (born 3 May 1950), credited on some recordings as Mary Visconti, is a Welsh folk singer best known for her 1968 UK number one single “Those Were The Days”. — Wikipedia

Oh how I love this song.. and her voice. And now I know the singer who sang the song that I almost always played with my electone. “Those were the days, my friend…”

When I am old one day… I wish I don’t have to regret something like, “akh, I should’ve done that when I was younger..” ;p. So, it’s better to do everything that I could do now.

Okay, now.. let’s start with.. doing everything that I should do first >.<

  1. Tata… I’m confused. uda lama ga cek blog kamu. liat di reader kok munculnya posting2 soal parenting stuff, lumayan banyak pula. tp pas dibuka blognya, lah ga ada..normal aja keliatannya. kena hack kah ini?

    • eheheh.. bukaan, waktu itu lagi ngetes rss fetch dari blog orang, dalam rangka project ini.. dudulnya nyobanya di blog sendiri *soalnya dari yang lain2 gagal sih >_<*, eh, berhasil..

      jadilah postingan si klien nampang sejenak di blog-ku ^^; langsung tak hapus sih, tp sempet kepublish di reader ya, huhu…

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