Daily Archives: September 11, 2012

I Just Felt Like Babbling

Please allow me to do so. And also a bit of grumbling if you don’t mind. Let’s start with the grumbles first.

So, I’ve been living in a very unhealthy way these past few days… in a total seclusion, 80% of the day sitting in my room facing the laptop, with a completely abnormal schedule. It all started since last Friday evening, after one meeting with my thesis supervisor, which ended with an ultimatum to finish writing by the end of this week… completely, like, the perfect complete draft until the very last chapter of conclusion.

Since then, my schedule goes like this: start gathering the mood, ideas, and thoughts to write after dinner, then drink coffee, start writing *around midnight, I found myself the most creative after midnight*, continue writing and writing until I get unbearably hungry *around 9 in the morning*, have breakfast, take a shower, directly go to bed *after set the alarm for two hours later* since I get absolutely exhausted, wake up two  *or three* hours later, have lunch, revise what I wrote before and add details if needed, have dinner, then… repeat the cycle. It’s amazing that I’m still alive and considerably sober.

Of course I have a little break once in a while, watching some movies or writing a totally different kind of writing, like now. Although.. I still can’t get myself out of the scientific writing style, hence explaining the choice of words and dull sensation of each sentence. I’m sorry about that, I’ll get rid of it as soon as I finish writing my thesis.

Now, continuing with the babbles. These freaky thoughts suddenly slipped into my head, and I couldn’t stop myself from babbling about them here.

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