Daily Archives: September 28, 2012

Thesis… Submitted!

Finally, exactly 2 weeks before the D-Day a.k.a defense day, I managed to finish my thesis and submitted 3 bound copies to the university. Why 3 I’m not sure, one of them will go to university library, and I’m supposed to get one back after the defense, the other one… perhaps because I have co-supervisor in different university.

I really like it that we don’t have to make a hardcover of the thesis, we just have to bind the pages in this special binder, with bright orange color for faculty of computer science. Makes it easy if I need to change few things, I just need to replace the pages *which is possible to be done even after I submitted them ;p*. The price for one binder is 6 something euros, hence including the printing maybe it’s around 20 euros in total for 3 copies. Plus I need to submit 2 special stamp of 14.6 euros. In the end, it costs me quite a lot in order to graduate from here ;p.

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