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Addio Bolzano, Ciao Trento!

Actually, I’ve said goodbye to my sweet room in Rainerum since 3 weeks ago, but… at that time it didn’t feel like I’ve already moved out from Bolzano. Lots of my stuffs were still there, I still found myself eating in university canteen and hanging out with my friends there, and most importantly… I was still a student of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, until around a week ago when I finally defended my Master thesis *I will talk about this later, I’m still waiting for pictures in my friend’s camera* :).

Now I could say I officially move to Trento!

uhmm, well, not completely, because some of my stuffs are still in Bolzano, and somehow I still spend some time there ^^;

Anyway, my new residence is called Residenze Universitarie San Bartolameo, a very cool residence managed by University Student Service (Opera Universitaria). It’s a very huge complex containing 6 buildings in total. My room is in the second floor of F-A building, the same building as the gym :D.

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Everybody's Changing


Change is inevitable… they said. It’s always hard for me to leave my comfort zone and starting anew, but I guess I have no other option, either moving forward or falling behind.

I just hope… I made the right decision.