Daily Archives: September 16, 2013

In my next life

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I want to become a… plant! Preferably a flower, a good smelling and beautiful one, but anyway… any plant which serves a good purpose for its surroundings is fine with me.

“Why?” You might ask.

Well, I’m kinda tired of living as human. Human life is very complicated, and tiring. We have desire, and that makes us sometimes ambitious, greedy, competitive, envious of others, and… so many more, a huge pile of emotions that sometimes we can hardly deal with. We often think too much of stuff like: Why was I born for? What is my purpose of living? What should I do to reach happiness? What is my dream? What do I want to do? What should I do to survive? Should I continue my PhD? …ups :p

Is it wrong that I just want to live, exist, and serve a good purpose for other living creatures? Just like what plants do. Without complaining, without wanting anything in return. Just… live, grow then die.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy ^^;

I originally wanted to become a cat. Eating and sleeping and playing without caring for anything else. But that’s not entirely true. Cats have their own problems ;). Then there is also a problem of being born as a well-treated cat or a stray cat. Stray cats have to deal with a lot of problems to survive.. I guess.

Anyway… yeah, I want to become a plant. Then I would stay quiet, enjoy life, think of nothing, do nothing, and let the wind carry me wherever it wants.

p.s.: I think I’m experiencing this quarter-life crisis thing -.-

p.p.s: I tried to Google the keyword “in my next life” and the auto-complete gave me “in my next life I want to be a bear” 😀 Well, that’s actually not a bad idea.