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Applying for US Visa in Italy

I knooow.. I should start writing my paper, but I can’t stop being excited about my upcoming trip >.<

Call me… Fnu! 😀 My name is Paramita, Fnu Paramita…

Getting the tourist visa was quite easy actually:

  1. Fill the online application form for non-immigrant visa (DS-160) in here. There is a warning in that site **Please be patient as you use this form. Download times may vary depending on your internet connection speed.** But for me, the patience was mostly needed to fill those pages of questions, and the last page is totally nonsense.
  2. Schedule an appointment for interview. Since I apply from Italy, here is the website for that. No complicated things there, just fill the form, including the details of the application number of DS-160.
  3. Make the payment, in the same website.
  4. Go for interview. I did it in the Consulate General of U.S. in Milan. We cannot enter the building with our bags, so I put it in a cafe nearby, which has this side business of renting bag lockers because of that ^^;
  5. Pick up the passport stamped with the visa. Well, there is also an option to send the passport back with extra fee, and I regret that I didn’t take that option…

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My 'home' is broken

While I’ve been busy making my new apartment a comfortable place to go home to, this ‘home’ needs renovation :(.

Let’s just finish all those deadlines and then leisurely re-decorate this home ^^.

Benvenuti a casa mia!

After a series of living in dorms: a mini apartment in Nancy, a single room with shared bathroom and mini kitchen in Bolzano and a single room with private bathroom in Trento, I finally move to… my own flat! It’s called monolocale in Italian which basically means studio: the bedroom-living room-kitchen all in one space, and only the bathroom that is in a separate room.

I moved out from the comfortable Studentato San Bartolameo because there is a rule that a PhD student can stay in dorms (in Trento they are operated by Opera Universitaria) for the first year only. After that they kick us out like, “C’mon, you’re a grown up and already familiar with Trento.. go find your own place!” 😀

I started looking at the advertisements and collecting the phone numbers since 2 months before my contract ended, but it was difficult because… I don’t speak Italian that well *my Italian only works in the canteen and restaurants, i know… it’s been 2 years, shame on me* :(. So I decided to find it through an agency, which is the easiest way since the agent can speak English ^^, but requires extra money — I paid one month rent plus some taxes to the agency as the commission. Anyway… I found my cute small apartment!

It’s in Povo, quite far from the city center of Trento (around 3 km away, uphill), but only 10 minutes walk to my office ^^. I fell in love instantly when I saw this place, and it’s quite cheap compared with other monolocale in the city center. It’s in an old building *well almost all houses in Povo look like they were built centuries ago*, but the owner tried to make the interior looks new. And what I really like is that it is completely furnished, with complete kitchen utensils, matching set of bed cover, table cloth and curtains, tools.. everything!

Enough of the text, check out the pictures!

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