Technical English Writing

Finally… I finish something that I’ve started! 😀 To sum up, here are the summarized notes of the Technical English course that I got on my first year of PhD, focused only on the writing style. part 1: about formal writing style and how to utilize a concordancer part 2: all about articles! part 3: all about choosing the right form and the pronoun one part 4: extra information clauses, all about paraphrasing, and mistake READ MORE

Technical English Course (part 2)

Oh, it has been a while since I wrote the first part. I know, I have this tendency to start something then sometimes suddenly lose interest in continuing or finishing it ^^;. But no, I refuse to be like that anymore! *for the sake of the PhD study I’ve started :p* That’s why I will continue to write on this topic until the end.

Bahasa Ibu, Bahasa Indonesia

Baru-baru ini saya membaca artikel yang ditulis dengan sangat apik, tentang kecenderungan masyarakat Indonesia masa kini yang mencampur-adukkan bahasa Indonesia dengan bahasa Inggris, supaya terdengar lebih cerdas dan modern. Jangan salah, walaupun saya jauh di sini, masih kok memantau berita gosip di Indonesia, dan rasanya miris banget mendengar gaya bicara si Vicky Prasetyo. Lalu entah mengapa saya pun tertantang untuk menulis sepenuhnya dalam bahasa Indonesia, yang ternyata… susah ya bok ^^. Apalagi akhir-akhir ini saya lebih sering READ MORE

Americat in New York

One continent down, only 3 more to go! Well, Antarcticat maybe can be crossed out from the list *too cold >.<* leaving Africat and Australia. But I stepped only on a very small tip of America, and of U.S. even, I will definitely come back another time. I spent only two weeks (mainly) in New York. The first few days exploring NYC, then we flew to Buffalo for Niagara Falls and drove back to NYC. READ MORE