Playing with duoLingo

Da die Katze viel freie Zeit hat, lernt sie Deutsch, so dass sie mit der Familie des Bären sprechen kann. Sie lernt mit einem Spiel, welches duoLingo heißt. Es ist interessant! Die Katze lernt so schnell. I knew of duoLingo for the first time on one of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) seminars, as one of prominent online courses for language. At that time I was thinking, “Hmmm… interesting”, but that’s all, I didn’t even bother to try it. However recently, my friends were talking about it, that they learn Italian through this game, beating each other in the leaderboard. It is quite READ MORE

The Cat and The Bear… and Baby Elephant!

I can finally talk about this, since the Christmas present has been given ^^. You could probably guess from the above picture, yes… the present is a baby elephant! The bear is now a foster parent of an African baby elephant named Kithaka 🙂 Kithaka, which means ‘forest’ in the Meru language, was only around one week old when he was found wandering alone in a village near Imenti forest in Kenya, separated from his family. The orphan baby elephant was then transferred to the Nairobi Nursery, an elephant orphanage managed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The trust has this READ MORE