Daily Archives: December 27, 2015

Happy Birthday(s) and Happy Holidays!

First of all, for you who celebrate the birthdays of two prophets, which fall on two consecutive days¬†this year, Merry Mawlid al-Nabi and Merry Christmas! ūüôā Have a nice long weekend, and since probably you’ll have a nice long holiday until the New Year, happy holidays!

Next, since today, December 25th,¬†*I wrote this draft two days ago* is also my birthday… happy birthday to me! Now it’s only one more year to 30 ūüėČ

So thankful for all the¬†presents¬†*for Christmas or for birthday I regard them all as my birthday presents ;)*, although ‚ôę all I want for Christmas is you ‚ôę ehem, like more colors to accommodate my new hobby, interesting jigsaw puzzle and books, candle holder decorated with cats, etc.

The picture above contains my birthday presents from the bear, typical Australian stuff since he’s just back from Brisbane *after 2.5 months*. The fluffy Kolala, the very left on the picture, hugging her baby, is actually a reward for the cat being self-restrained on browsing¬†social media and (especially negative) news; the baby kolala is a reward for the cat being (so¬†unusually) sportive *e.g. completing at least 5,000 steps a day* while the bear is away :”>. The mango beer and chocolate are simply because I love mango and chocolate.¬†The last item is actually an audio card. The sound of conversation between mama koala and baby koala can be¬†heard when the card is opened. Anyway, what is inside the card is what is so great and has an interesting background story…

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