La Bicicleta

by┬áCarlos Vives & Shakira. If I think of summer 2016, I will have this song playing in the background ­čÖé

As a beginner cyclist–my first biking trip was four years ago, only┬áone year after I learned how to ride a bike–, I’m quite satisfied with the biking trips I did this summer: Bolzano-Terlan-Bolzano (30 km), Bolzano-Salorno (34 km) and Saarbr├╝cken-Sarreguemines (20 km). Through these trips I learned that my current limit is 30 km, and on the last two trips I took a train back home ­čśŤ . Well, baby steps, next time it will be 40 km.

The picture on the left–my cousin Dhika and Simon– was from the first trip to Terlan, right after I defended my thesis, so I was feeling super free and happy, and in the I-can-do-everything mood. The right one–credit to Daria– was from the last trip to Sarreguemines, in which I was the slowest one in the group ­čśÇ , but I still enjoyed it a lot. The weather was super nice (for Saarbr├╝cken).

I learned my limit quite harshly actually, from the second trip (until Salorno). I was quite sure I could make it to Mezzocorona, just 8 km more, but first I wanted to have a short break. Unfortunately, I stopped too close to the (quite) steep riverbank, and my cramped leg failed to bear my weight, so I tumbled down. Thanks to some bushes I didn’t get wet ­čśŤ , but I paid my price because some of the bushes are stinging nettles.

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me… I will┬ádefinitely go for another bike trips! ­čśë


Yes, I’m addicted to Zumba! ­čśÇ I’d been wanting to try it since last year, and finally last month I had a courage to join a course here, offered by the Saarland University sports center. I didn’t know that I would have┬áso much fun!

One Zumba class (once a week) usually lasts one hour, and we would┬áhave to follow several different choreographies with different background songs… hip-hop, reggaeton, salsa, samba, etc. The choreography with “La Bicicleta”–quite similar with the moves┬áin the above video– is my favorite, because… it’s the least demanding one, haha.

Actually, I also enrolled to the “R├╝cken- und Funktionsgymnastik” course, basically sets of back exercises for an hour. We started with running around the gym, for… maybe 10 minutes, then we did 2 sets of continuous 10 different 2-minutes-exercises, with 5 minutes break in between the sets. The exercises are┬ámostly in the planking position while┬ámoving our arms, legs or head. At the end of the first class–which..┬áehem.. also the only class I joined :p–, I almost fainted. That was the first time I experienced a blackout ^^; I thought I was going to die! ­čśÇ┬áSo yeah,┬áup until now I’m still afraid to try the course again, hoho.

But I will definitely continue my Zumba course! *moving my hips* *singing along “…latiendo por ti…”*

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