Daily Archives: June 22, 2017

How Often Do I Travel?

I started documenting my travel statistics since the second half of 2010, which coincided with the time I moved to Europe for my Master study, simply because before that.. I didn’t really travel much. Here I define travel as “deliberately going away from the city/region I am living in, either for fun or business, for more than a day.”┬áThis includes: city-hopping trip, road trip, going home when I’m living abroad, and attending conferences and summer schools.

In the beginning I only documented the start and end dates, and thus the total days I was away, which is 65 days per year in average. If we exclude weekends and public holidays (observed in the country I was living in), we arrive at 42 days per year in average. What about vacation days? Counting days I was relaxing at home and fun trips, but not business trips (conferences, summer schools), I have 36 vacation days per year in average, which is still higher than the number of paid-leave days in countries with the most paid leave days, Brazil and France. I’m quite lucky I guess ­čśë

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