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Adult Coloring Book

First of all… yes, I’m at home. And yes, I’m procrastinating. I’m so sorry, dear work, research, and… similar stuff :(.

How am I procrastinating –besides writing a blog post, of course–? The answer is… coloring!

A friend *hi, Jen!* introduces me to this new addictive activity. It was addictive when I was a child, but then I moved on to drawing and painting, the more ‘grown-up’ stuff :p. The problem with drawing or painting is that sketching takes quite some time. Most of the time I abandoned my drawing project in the middle of the sketching stage.

I actually knew about the hype of coloring book for adults quite some time ago. I was like, “Awesome!” but didn’t really do anything about it. Just recently, my friend was really excited when she saw a huge collection of this kind of books in Kinokuniya, a bookstore, in Singapore. Hence, I was too :). I bought some and brought them back to home, introduced them to my family. Now they are also addicted :D.

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Singapore Night Festival

The festival happened around two weeks after Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee, August 21-22 and 28-29. Actually, I found out about this festival accidentally, I’m so glad I didn’t miss it :).

After the ‘cat & bear’s trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia’ (will write about this soon), we arrived back in Singapore on Monday, August 24 evening. On our way to the nearest 7 Eleven to have our dinner, ehem… ’cause I was craving steamy ramen cup :D, we met these cute little fellas in front of National Museum of Singapore..

They’re so cute! I can’t stop moving my body when they start dancing 🙂

We got a booklet about the festival from a guy hanging around there, that’s how we found out about this. The big events happened only on Friday and Saturday (21-22 and 28-29), but the Anooki, the cute Inuits, celebrates SG50 at the Façade of National Museum of Singapore throughout the week, continuously (with 3 min break each time) from 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM, along with the free exhibitions inside (and outside) the museum. Lucky us!

The bear wasn’t so lucky, because we missed the first weekend of events, and he had to leave Singapore on Tuesday night, August 24. Bummer 🙁 Well, at least he met the Anooki. But… my sister was indeed very lucky, because she visited me the weekend after, August 28-31. What a perfect timing! Even though we didn’t know about the festival beforehand.

Huzzah!! Free shows! 🙂

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About Saying Sorry

This morning, my peaceful shower time was disrupted by a neighbor child’s loud cries, and a woman’s –most probably the child’s mother– yells. At first the woman’s shouts were in Chinese, which I don’t understand at all. I assume that she expressed why she was angry. But then, the woman starts yelling repeatedly, “Say sorry!” Instead of saying sorry, the child’s cries grow louder and louder. The woman was so persistent to get to hear that ‘sorry’ word from the child, she repeated the “Say sorry!” shouts probably more than 30 times.

I’m not a parent yet, but I think demanding a ‘sorry’ like that from my child is not the right thing to do. First of all, being (and saying) sorry should come from either feeling regret, or from feeling sad out of sympathy. Now, will shouts and yells like that help my child to understand that he/she should feel regret or sad after whatever he/she has done? Surely not.

If in the end the child finally says ‘sorry’, I’m quite sure that the reason is that he just wants the mother to stop yelling, instead of being regretful of making mistakes or hurting anyone. The child may grow up to be someone who misuses the word ‘sorry’ lacking regret or sympathy, won’t he?

Another lesson taken for my future parenthood :).

By the way, just recently Muslims all around the world celebrated the Eid al-Fitr festival. I’m lucky that this year I can finally celebrated it with my family, after being absent twice in the previous years. In Indonesia, on that particular day, there is a tradition to greet each other –friends-neighbors-family– with “mohon maaf lahir dan batin” which literally means “forgive me body and soul”. This is, in my opinion, also a misuse of ‘sorry’ :p. Why would I say sorry to people I am (almost) never in contact with? And why would I say sorry only on this day without any reason?

It is not a bad idea to use the occasion to ask for forgiveness from others about any mistake one might have done, but… I found that this is more appropriate:

It’s time to forget and also forgive others’ mistakes, to be able to move on happily in life without any grudge and burden :). Happy Eid Mubarak! Sorry it’s a bit late 😉

Bali, the Island of Gods

After more than 20 years living in Java, its neighboring island, I finally get a chance to visit Bali! This famous island that people often mention whenever I tell them I’m from Indonesia, “I know Bali!” they will say :). “Yeah, but I’ve never been there,” is what I usually respond with. Well, even though the Bali strait can be easily crossed with ferry from the eastern point of Java, my hometown is in the west part of Java, with around 900 km air distance to Bali ^^; Not so close…

As I mentioned few blog-posts ago, I was there for a conference. But then my family joined the trip for the weekend after the conference, and after that also the bear for another week. Yippee, summer holiday time!

With my family, we did the usual touristic routes in Bali. It was a very convenient trip since we hired a car plus driver for 3 days, and the driver is a local who also became our tourist guide. He told us stories about Balinese Hinduism‘s rituals and myths… and ghosts (a.k.a Leak) :D.

The complete collection of pictures from the trip can be found here.

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Stories from Home

I actually just came back from home, yes, home sweet home… Indonesia! 🙂

After I came back from Iceland trip, I only had 19 days to finish every work-related things that need to be closed, before my flight to Jakarta. Did I finish them? Of course… not. Most of the time I was relaxing at home, but there are times when I had to open my laptop, checking and sending emails, and worked until late at night. Those 14 days *actually 12 days, 2 days are wasted for travels forth and back* at home might feel so short, but at least I think I spent enough time with my dearest family and friends, catching up with their current lives, and also enough time to make bonds again with some of my cats :D. The time was very limited, so I’m so sorry for not being able to meet up with all of you, dear friends :(.

Trip to Solo and Yogya

Right after I arrived, the very next day I had to fly again to Solo, with my mom and my aunt. We spent one night in Solo and one night in Yogyakarta, before going back to Bogor the next morning. I thought we were there only for travelling, I mean like.. eating and shopping :D. It turned out that the trip was a pilgrimage trip, to pay a ‘visit’ not only to my mom’s grandparents, but also to our ancestors (the Javanese royals) at Kotagede and Imogiri royal graveyards -.-. To be able to get into the royal graveyards, it is mandatory to wear a traditional ‘costume’. Oh well, this part was actually quite fun, since I could pretend I lived centuries ago ;).

Not that I complain, but the whole experience was kinda… weird. It was already dark when we arrived in Imogiri, and note that it was Thursday night *Thursday night has this ‘ghostly’ connotation in Indonesia :D*. Walking around the graveyard at night, spreading around some flowers on graves of some kings I don’t even know, chanting some prayers for the ancestors… sounds creepy, isn’t it? 😀

The next days were wholly dedicated to my family and cats :D. Thanks to them, I feel more refreshed now! I should go home more often, too bad my bank account doesn’t allow me to do so >.<

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The Mirza Family

Since it’s only at the beginning of my 3rd semester, means all of the classes were still at the ‘introductory part’, I’ve been doing some projects which require my right brain more than my left brain. Designing. I really enjoy this more than writing paper, obviously. And until now, sometimes I have a feeling that I’ve been taking the ‘wrong path’ ^^; Oh well..

Anyway, since my right brain is more active lately, I decided to grab a pencil and sketch this *while waiting for my 17.00 class ~_~*. It’s been a while since a played around with pencil, let alone paint. I’m afraid I forgot how to physically mix color and to stroke brushes on the canvas, since now I’m more familiar with Photoshop -_-.

Inspired by The Big Bang Theory – Hair 🙂

The easiest one? Of course the one with short hair and not much black hair left 😉 *sorry to say, Pupule*.

Dear Sistah

I will miss you sooo much >.<


And as Mishka said… Aywowowuwuuuu~~

Anyway, should I post our anthem(s) here? ;p

Quick Getaway, to the East of Java

Remaining time: a week 🙁

Sebenarnya ada 3 undangan pernikahan *for Mum & Dad, not for me ;p* di hari Sabtu tanggal 10 September kemarin, di tiga kota yang berbeda: Jakarta, Surabaya, dan Semarang. Dengan berbagai pertimbangan *termasuk keinginan sang anak yang masih belum puas berlibur, ehem*, akhirnya kami berakhir pekan di… East of Java!

Rujak Cingur, tanpa cingur?

Berangkat pukul 6 pagi dari Cengkareng, tanpa sarapan, dengan maksud mau sarapan di Surabaya. Setelah sedikit berputar-putar mencari tempat yang oke *guide-nya dari Gresik soale ^^;*, akhirnya mampir di restoran dekat hotel tempat kami menginap, Hotel Cendana. Rumah Makan Ria namanya. Tak beberapa lama setelah memesan rujak cingur, tiba-tiba pelayannya muncul mengabarkan bahwa cingurnya kosong. Nah lho. Tapi saya ga terlalu penasaran dengan cingurnya sih, jadi ga masalah ;p. Yang penting bumbunya… enaaak.

Agak sore, karena perut lapar kami naik becak dari hotel ke Boncafe. Ooh la la, di sini es krim nya enak sangat :9~. Pulangnya terpaksa jalan kaki demi membakar kalori, hoho.

Wisata Mall

Malam harinya, orangtua kondangan, saatnya anak-anak untuk… jalan-jalan! Sayangnya, kami ga punya guide, jadi jalan-jalan yang paling aman tentunya… wisata mall ^^; *ga mungkin kan mampir ke, ehem, Do**y, hiiiy*. Gedung terdekat dari hotel adalah gedung Gramedia Expo. Besaaar… tapi sepi ^^; Baru kali ini melihat area komik di Gramedia tanpa pengunjung kecuali kami.

Lanjut jalan kaki ke Tunjungan Plaza. Memori saya tentang Tunjungan Plaza hanya: “Dulu pernah jalan-jalan ke sini 20 tahun yang lalu”, that’s it ^^; Makan malam dulu di… KFC, gyahahah. Orangtuanya makan enak di kondangan, anaknya makan fast food ;p. Salah satu misi hidup saya memang “mencoba ayam goreng KFC di berbagai kota di seluruh dunia”.

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Now & Then: How Much Have We Grown?

The idea came from my sister, while we both have a lot of free time… at home. I mean, when will we have a chance to do silly things like this again? ;p

Some points to conclude…

First, we do still have identical shirts! The difference is, they used to be in different sizes. Now they’re identical to the size, but we have a reason for buying two shirts ;). There is no way we can use one shirt alternately, at least for the next two semesters.

Second, I can no longer hug my sister from behind without standing on my tippy toes. And there is no way to stand upright if I want the camera to also capture my face, not just my hands hugging her *that would be creepy don’t you think?*.

Third, we don’t have identical dresses anymore :(. Well actually, we barely have dresses now *put on shirt/blouse + jeans, then we’re good to go*. Back then, most of our collections of dresses came from our mother’s hands. Now, the sewing machine kinda lose its purpose ;p. The only ‘dresses’ that almost have the same color and design, and of course fit us are… daster batik*!

And lastly… we can still have a good laugh and smile at the end of the day, no matter how hard it is 🙂

*) daster: some kind of pajamas that is very comfortable for sleeping in tropical countries, with hot and humid weather; batik: see here

Balikpapan dan Pulau Derawan

Sama seperti liburan sebelumnya ke Tarakan, alasan berlibur ke Balikpapan kali ini juga dalam rangka menengok sang Pupule. Yap, ‘daerah operasi’-nya sudah berpindah ke Balikpapan, bukan di Tarakan lagi ^^.

Canopy Bridge di Bukit Bangkirai

Bukit Bangkirai merupakan kawasan konservasi hutan Bangkirai yang menjadi salah satu tujuan wisata di Balikpapan. Agak jauh dari kota Balikpapan, sekitar 2 jam perjalanan dengan mobil ke arah kota Samarinda. Pengelolanya tidak lain dan tidak bukan ya perusahaan tempat Papa bekerja, heheh. Lumayan, biaya masuk dan pemandunya gratis ;p. Di kawasan ini rusa/payau dan monyet (lupa nama jenis monyetnya) juga masih berkeliaran dengan bebas.

Daya tarik utamanya: jembatan tajuk alias canopy bridge, yang konon pertama di Indonesia, kedua di Asia, dan kedelapan di dunia. Tingginya sekitar 30 m, dengan platform yang dibangun di sekeliling pohon Bangkirai yang tingginya bisa mencapai 40 – 60 m. Seru! Cukup menguji nyali ^^

Jangan tertipu, hey para pembaca. Si Mama ga ikutan menyeberang tuh, cuma kakinya saja berpose menyentuh ujung jembatan, tapi setelah itu langsung turun lagi, hihi.

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