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Adult Coloring Book

First of all… yes, I’m at home. And yes, I’m procrastinating. I’m so sorry, dear work, research, and… similar stuff :(.

How am I procrastinating –besides writing a blog post, of course–? The answer is… coloring!

A friend *hi, Jen!* introduces me to this new addictive activity. It was addictive when I was a child, but then I moved on to drawing and painting, the more ‘grown-up’ stuff :p. The problem with drawing or painting is that sketching takes quite some time. Most of the time I abandoned my drawing project in the middle of the sketching stage.

I actually knew about the hype of coloring book for adults quite some time ago. I was like, “Awesome!” but didn’t really do anything about it. Just recently, my friend was really excited when she saw a huge collection of this kind of books in Kinokuniya, a bookstore, in Singapore. Hence, I was too :). I bought some and brought them back to home, introduced them to my family. Now they are also addicted :D.

Books: 4-Hour Workweek

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I have to confess.. I don’t read non-fiction books, except for –of course– books for the courses that I attend. Those books about self-help or self improvement or time management never attract me. Well, I read Chicken Soup for the Soul a long long time ago, perhaps they could be considered as non-fiction? Oh, and I also did read these books as a child, did you? Or Seri Tokoh Dunia? :).

Anyway, I stumbled upon this book, titled The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Tim Ferriss. Not a recent book, published 6 years ago, so maybe you knew and read it already. The only reason why I read it was because.. that is the only book in English among those German books that I found during my last vacation ;). However, it turns out that the book is quite interesting, the author is pretty skillful in writing the methods he proposes not in the boring way.

I haven’t finished the book, but I really like the last 2 chapters that I read: The End of Time Management and The Low-Information Diet. Both of them are about how to increase productivity, something that I really need right now.

Hobi Yang Terlupakan

Masih ingat tradisi zaman dahulu kala? Zaman saya SD tepatnya, yaitu… tradisi tukar-menukar diary lucu, untuk diisi dengan biodata ^^. Sekarang sudah ga zaman lah ya, dengan begitu banyaknya social media. Sejak dulu itu saya selalu menulis “membaca” sebagai hobi, dan “paramitha rusadi” sebagai artis favorit :)). Sayangnya sekarang hobi yang satu itu terlupakan, digantikan oleh “menonton”, “browsing internet“, “membaca...