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Fresh from My Oven

Have I told you that I got a cute mini oven as my birthday present? *thanks, dear bear ;)* As proofs that the oven doesn’t just sit there unused, here you go, some of the results…

Baked Chicken Wings

One day, in a Pakistani shop where I usually buy Indomie here in Trento, I found this mix powder to make Tandoori chicken. The result was fantastic! But still, it was too hot/spicy to my taste. The next experiments, with similar ingredients, I tried to bake chicken wings instead. After few experiments to find the perfect recipe, I finally found it!

Flu and Soups

I’m catching a cold. Well, no wonder, after two consecutive night-train rides (read: almost sleepless nights) during this chilly weather. The second ride was specially awful, it felt like the heater in the train was broken, left me shivering the whole night. Why was i taking the night-train? Because of it’s cheapest fare :p. And why Rome? Hmmm, it’s a long story, I will dedicate another post for that.

picture is taken from here

Back to flu… at my home, there’s this tradition to cook a comforting soup called hutspot every time someone gets sick. It’s originated from the Netherlands, and my grandmother started this tradition *she might pick some recipes around the time when Dutch colonized Indonesia*. Originally, it’s just potatoes, carrots and onions (plus some meat) boiled and mashed together. But then the recipe is modified.

Mom’s way of cooking: instead of mashing them, the potatoes and carrots are cut into tiny pieces before boiled together; there’s a bit more water, not as dry as in above picture; and pieces of brisket are added, making the soup super delicious *I don’t know the scientific reason behind the selection of this beef cut :p*. Sometimes we lose our appetite when we’re sick, rite? But I will never ever say no to hutspot ^^. Unfortunately, there’s no Mom here now ­čÖü and the preparation is a hassle, it needs extra efforts for cutting stuff. Besides, there is only one perfect hutspot that can heal this flu: Mom’s :p.

Flu and soups. They are a perfect match. Luckily I now know some recipes of quick soups *introduced by the bear, with a cheatsheet from Mama bear :p*. By quick I mean without having to cut much.

Il Nuovo Frullatore!

Sudah lama sebenarnya saya berniat membeli blender. Setelah sebelumnya kualitas sarapan saya meningkat setelah berinvestasi dengan membeli toaster, pastinya jadi lebih berkualitas lagi dong ya kalau dilengkapi dengan jus buah-buahan :p.

Akhirnya niat itu terlaksana juga, setelah saya tergoda memborong strawberry diskonan di supermarket. Lama-lama bosan juga makan strawberry dengan ‘saus’ susu kental manis, lagian kalau disimpan begitu saja di kulkas cepat busuknya. Akhirnya saya simpan di freezer jadi frozen strawberry.

Nah, kombinasi frozen strawberry, yogurt, dan sedikit susu kental manis *iyaaa, gw fans berat susu kental manis >.<*, jadilah homemade strawberry smoothie!

Kisah 3 wanita (minus 1), plus 1 pria panggilan

*what a provocative title, fufufufu…* Pada suatu sore, ketika jeng Mar dan jeng Par kelaparan di pavilion Tercinta *yang servisnya jauuuuh lebih baik daripada pavilion Margondez, ohya, tunggu cerita selengkapnya bagaimana 3 wanita bisa lolos dari pavilion Margondez* Jadi ceritanya, jeng Mar, ga masuk kantor, seharian ngendon di kamar, sakit typhus katanya, siang-siang makan seadanya karena ga sanggup jajan di...