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Women and Balls

Miss Granny is here! I’ve been waiting for this movie (to be subbed and uploaded to a streaming site :p) since the beginning of this year. The theme is a bit similar to 13 Going to 30, or Freaky Friday. After watching the first 2 minutes, I can’t resist to open my blog and write about this. The opening is too damn funny! Besides… I’m a big fan of metaphor ;).

If you compare a woman to a ball…

Then a woman in her teens is a basketball. To catch the ball high up in the air, every man reaches for it as hard as he can.

A woman in her 20s is a rugby ball. Several men attack the balls like dogs trying to take possession of it. This is the only time in life a man will risk his life for a ball.

A woman in her 30s is a ping pong ball. The number of men going after the ball is significantly reduced. But the amount of attention paid to the ball is still decent.

A middle-aged woman is a golf ball. There’s only one man for one ball. And the man tries to send the ball as far away as he can.

And beyond that… She’s a dodge ball.


Movie Vaganza

I admit it, I kinda lost my inspiration to write lately. But I want to update this blog so badly, so… let me just share some good movies that I recently watched. Of course box office movies — those superhero movies, sequels, or even prequels *yes I’m talking about The Hobbit* are in my watch list automatically, as long as they’re in cinema or their BRRips are out *I prefer the latter ;p*. I don’t want to talk about such movies, here I want to share some movies that maybe you’ll miss, but I guarantee that they’re too good to be missed. Well, as long as your taste is similar to mine.. I just noticed that all of them have ‘comedy’ genre ;).

So… here we go. I’ll try my best to give a little review without spoiling the good part ^^.