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You Belong To Me

Tonight’s lullaby… An old song, but I’ve been listening to my old playlist and this song just feels so right, right now.

See the pyramids along the Nile, watch the sun rise from the tropic isle
Just remember darling all the while
You belong to me
See the market place in old Algiers, send me photographs and souvenirs
Just remember when a dream appears
You belong to me

And I’ll be so alone without you, maybe you’ll be lonesome too

Fly the ocean in a silver plane, see the jungle when it’s wet with rain
Just remember till you’re home again
You belong to me

I really hope you do…

Linkin Park, "The Hunting Party" in Munich

My first time ever to go to a big concert. And… actually, my first time ever to get out of Munich train station  😀 *I passed by Munich a lot of times on my way to/from Dresden*.

The concert tickets were actually part of the bear’s graduation reward *from himself, the cat accompanying him was a bonus :p*, which was followed by a short trip to Canary Islands. As for myself, well, I needed a distraction from a failed interview ;).

As a preparation, we’ve started listening to “The Hunting Party” since months before. “Guilty All the Same”, “Until It’s Gone”, “Final Masquerade” and “A Line In the Sand” were among my favorites. We also trained on this maneuver of me sitting on the bear’s shoulder. Too bad in the end we didn’t do it because he got a back pain from all the training :D.

The concert was awesome!! I was jumping, I was screaming, I was singing along, and… I was standing on my tippy toes all the time *yeah, the curse of being a hobbit*! 😀 But I didn’t care. People sweat a lot, people stepped on my feet, I didn’t care! I was so happy and excited!! It seemed that once in a while, this kind of relaxation is needed.

Some songs I didn’t know, because honestly, between “Meteora” and this newest album, Linkin Park was out of my music radar (except some of their singles like “Waiting for the End” and “Burn It Down”). To my surprise, they played “In the End” and “Crawling”!! It was like being thrown back to my high school time, which was more than a decade ago *dang, I feel old*! 😀 I still remember all the lyrics, including the rap part.

Now, as a proof that I was really there, here you go… a recorded video! Not a high quality one, and at some point you will hear my voice singing along, I’m sorry :p.

Next live concert… Muse!

Everybody's Changing


Change is inevitable… they said. It’s always hard for me to leave my comfort zone and starting anew, but I guess I have no other option, either moving forward or falling behind.

I just hope… I made the right decision.

Ways To Say Goodbye (You Died)


Okay, just a quick post, I’m in the middle of composing the ‘best’ part of my thesis now, trying to give it… the ‘soul’ that can make people who read it will say, “This is the best thesis I’ve ever read!”. It’s really hard, no kidding, because what most probably will happen is that they will just read the first paragraph and say, “What the hell is she talking about?”.

Back to topic… I’m so into this song now, 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train. The Mexican theme and tune in the very beginning (and also in the interlude) of the song hooked me from the start ;). Not to mention the funny lyric, I love it!

Gotta go.. and back to work. Ciao ciao!

Little Talks


The song that has been accompanying me lately through the night when I need to finish something. Its cheerful tunes never fail to cheer me up :). Though actually the meaning of the song is not that cheery.

I really like it when they shouted, “Hey!” 😉

Failure Song


Sting – Saint Agnes and The Burning Train

Bagi pengikut setia salah satu variety show pasti sudah tak asing lagi dengan petikan gitar yang satu ini. Karena di setiap episode pasti lagu ini mengalun paling sedikit satu kali, jadi penasaran deh. Ternyata lagunya Sting toh ;p.

Cocok banget jadi theme song saat ini ^^. Posisi: nangis jongkok sambil ngurek-ngurek tanah.

Buon Natale, e Buon Compleanno!


*I’m so sorry for the poor quality, I’m a total beginner XD. And so very sorry to my dear roommate, Wannee, as my numerous attempts to record this performance might disturb your attempt to sleep ^^;

Anyway… as I sang in the song, I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, and I guess I can only dream about it. Where’s the snow?? >_<

Once again… Merry christmas! Buon natale! Selamat hari natal! and…

Happy birthday… for me 🙂 With this, I’ve reached one of the important milestone in my life, quarter a century… ugh. Made me thinking what I’ve done and what can I do for these 25 years, I can say… not much. So starting from now, I want to fill my future years with so many new experiences, and learning new things (and old things that I’m still not really good at :D).

Let me start with, learn how to play new musical instrument *everyone… say hi to my dear buddy, Ukuli ;p yes, this is (one of) my self-birthday-present*. I’ve been wanting to learn how to play guitar, but I guess ukulele suits me better. It’s so cute! And my fingers won’t have to suffer much ^^v. The second mission would be… finishing all the projects that I’ve started, including my thesis. I really hope I can finish my master program… with difficulties that I can handle *because ‘without any difficulties’ is just impossible :p*.

Lastly, my birthday wish… is one secret I’ll never tell 😉 Ciao!

Parliamo Italiano!

Ciao! Io mi chiamo Paramita, sono Indonesiana. Mi piace molto tiramisĂš!

Dengan bangga saya menyatakan bahwa, saya belum pernah bolos kelas bahasa Italia! Hohoho… Padahal jadwalnya cukup bikin jiper loh, bayangkan, jam 6 sampai 8 malam, dua kali seminggu. Tapi entah kenapa saya semangat bener datang ke kelas, bahkan lebih semangat dibandingkan datang ke kuliah XD.

Sejak awal, sang Signora Insegnante *seterusnya saya sebut SI aja ya* a.k.a ibu guru tak pernah sekalipun menggunakan bahasa selain bahasa Italia, sempet stress sih waktu itu, ga ngerti apa-apa: “Ini orang ngomong apa sih??”. Murid lain sih enak, kebanyakan berasal dari Jerman, Spanyol, atau Perancis yang akar bahasanya sama. Tapi lama-lama, setelah dijejali banyak vocabulary, saya bisa menebak apa maksud perkataan sang SI.

Waktu belajar bahasa Perancis tahun lalu, sebenarnya saya juga semangat, sayangnya cuma di awal. Setelah bolos beberapa minggu dan ketinggalan banyak, akhirnya berhenti >.<. Mungkin karena faktor pengucapan yang tak bersahabat dengan lidah saya. Kalau bahasa Italia, totally tongue friendly! At least for mine ;p Bahkan sempat dipuji oleh sang SI karena pengucapan saya lancar jaya sampai dikira sudah pernah belajar sebelumnya, hihi…

Metode pengajarannya pun menyenangkan, hampir selalu ada games, atau diputarkan video dan lagu untuk melatih listening. And here you go, one of my favorite song…


Lyric (with English translation)?

È Per Te by Jovanotti. It’s actually a lullaby song. I love it mostly because of the soothing melody, and the song is full of vocabulary that taught me words in Italian 🙂

È per te ogni cosa che c’è ninna na ninna e… Ahh, makes me sleepy.. buonanotte!

When I Am Old One Day

Will I sit in the park, time on my hands to soak up the sun…
or will I have made my mark, and still have some things that have to be done?


Lyric? show

Mary Hopkin (born 3 May 1950), credited on some recordings as Mary Visconti, is a Welsh folk singer best known for her 1968 UK number one single “Those Were The Days”. — Wikipedia

Oh how I love this song.. and her voice. And now I know the singer who sang the song that I almost always played with my electone. “Those were the days, my friend…”

When I am old one day… I wish I don’t have to regret something like, “akh, I should’ve done that when I was younger..” ;p. So, it’s better to do everything that I could do now.

Okay, now.. let’s start with.. doing everything that I should do first >.<

Hawaiian Couple


…by Humming Urban Stereo ^^. Scent of a Woman introduced me to this song. I hear it everytime the heroine’s phone is ringing. Such a cute song, and hearing it reminds me of Maliq & D’Essentials.

Anyway, my fave scene from the drama…

Such a dangerous way of riding a bike don’t you think ^^; And I’m not sure if that’s convenient, either for the one that’s riding or the one that’s sitting backward. I guess it only happens in drama. But… ehem, my adventurous side said that she wouldn’t mind to try it once :”>. Let’s see…