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La Bicicleta

by¬†Carlos Vives & Shakira. If I think of summer 2016, I will have this song playing in the background ūüôā

As a beginner cyclist–my first biking trip was four years ago, only¬†one year after I learned how to ride a bike–, I’m quite satisfied with the biking trips I did this summer: Bolzano-Terlan-Bolzano (30 km), Bolzano-Salorno (34 km) and Saarbr√ľcken-Sarreguemines (20 km). Through these trips I learned that my current limit is 30 km, and on the last two trips I took a train back home ūüėõ . Well, baby steps, next time it will be 40 km.

The picture on the left–my cousin Dhika and Simon– was from the first trip to Terlan, right after I defended my thesis, so I was feeling super free and happy, and in the I-can-do-everything mood. The right one–credit to Daria– was from the last trip to Sarreguemines, in which I was the slowest one in the group ūüėÄ , but I still enjoyed it a lot. The weather was super nice (for Saarbr√ľcken).

I learned my limit quite harshly actually, from the second trip (until Salorno). I was quite sure I could make it to Mezzocorona, just 8 km more, but first I wanted to have a short break. Unfortunately, I stopped too close to the (quite) steep riverbank, and my cramped leg failed to bear my weight, so I tumbled down. Thanks to some bushes I didn’t get wet ūüėõ , but I paid my price because some of the bushes are stinging nettles.

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me… I will¬†definitely go for another bike trips! ūüėČ


Yes, I’m addicted to Zumba! ūüėÄ I’d been wanting to try it since last year, and finally last month I had a courage to join a course here, offered by the Saarland University sports center. I didn’t know that I would have¬†so much fun!

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Canyoning in Passeiertal

Picture was taken from here

This was the most recent adventure I did :). The activity was organized by the Sports Club University Bolzano, but non-members or even non-students were also allowed to take part. With 30‚ā¨ fee, transportation, barbecue and equipment are all included, which is quite a great deal. Furthermore, the activity was guided by professionals from Acquaterra, so it’s completely safe even for a beginner.

To give you an idea of what canyoning is about, just watch this video.

We did it at the exact same place as in the video, although… with less sunshine and more water. Actually, it was raining when we did it, and somehow the current was too strong (or there was too much water) that the guides decided to cancel the last sliding/jumping/swimming.

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My First Via Ferrata РMasarè

left picture is taken from here

So… do I look like them already? :p

Since last year I’ve been wanting to try¬†via ferrata, but the idea was always dismissed by the bear (a.k.a our via ferrata expert here :p)¬†by reason of my lack of stamina.

Via ferrata, the Italian words for ‘iron road’, is a protected climbing route usually found in the Alps. It is called the iron road because there is (almost) always a steel cable that runs along the route, fixed to the rock every 3-10 m. The climber can securely hang (with the climbing aids) on the cable, limiting any fall. (source: Wikipedia, of course)

Not only that the climbing activity requires¬†a very good physical fitness, but reaching the¬†ferrata¬†route itself usually requires¬†some hiking. It’s not like a helicopter would drop us at the start of the route, then pick us up after we are done :p. That’s why the bear was hesitant, because he thought I’m not fit enough to handle the long and tedious journey.

However, this summer, somehow he is convinced that I’m now able to do it (thanks to poweryoga ^^). So here we go!

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2012-10-12: Defense Day

October 12, 2012. It’s been more than 3 weeks, but every minute of that day is still fresh in my memory. A very memorable day indeed ūüôā

The day started very early, since they scheduled my defense to be at 9 AM. It’s pretty good actually, less time to feel anxious, and I was released from the pressure since early in the morning. I was the second person to go, after my friend, my LCT comrade who was suffering along with me during thesis time ;).

“The room”, D003

Right after she finished her presentation, we were waiting outside the room because inside the room the committee members, including the supervisors, were discussing the result. I felt horrible at that time, waiting for them to call my name. My friends around me said something, to encourage me, but I couldn’t hear a thing ^^;. Then finally… show time.

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Thesis… Submitted!

Finally, exactly 2 weeks before the D-Day a.k.a defense day, I managed to finish my thesis and submitted 3 bound copies to the university. Why 3 I’m not sure, one of them will go to university library, and I’m supposed to get one back after the defense, the other one… perhaps because I have co-supervisor in different university.

I really like it that we don’t have to make a hardcover of the thesis, we just have to bind the pages in this special binder, with bright orange color for faculty of computer science. Makes it easy if I need to change few things, I just need to replace the pages *which is possible to be done even after I submitted them ;p*. The price for one binder is 6 something euros, hence including the printing maybe it’s around 20 euros in total for 3 copies. Plus I need to submit 2 special stamp of 14.6 euros. In the end, it costs me quite a lot in order to graduate from here ;p.

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Movie Night: SnowMan

Akhirnya sodara-sodara… saya kembali merasakan sensasi menonton film di bioskop, setelah sekian lama XD. Soalnya film Hollywood yang diimpor di sini pasti di-dubbing¬†sih, entah dalam bahasa Italia atau Jerman.

Nah, ternyata.. dalam satu bulan ada hari khusus di mana ada film yang diputar dalam bahasa aslinya, tanpa di-dubbing. Lebih tepatnya di hari Selasa minggu terakhir. Kami para penghuni Bolzano yang enggan menonton film dalam bahasa Italia atau Jerman baru tahu tentang aturan ini sebulan yang lalu *kemane ajee -_-*, atau mungkin baru diadakan kali ya.

Bulan lalu, judul film yang kecipratan adalah MiB II, sayangnya saya ga bisa ikutan nonton bareng karena lagi berkelana. Bulan ini, saya berharap saya bisa menonton Spiderman atau TDKR, eh.. yang kebagian malah Snow White and the Huntsman, saya singkat jadi SnowMan aja lah ya ūüėČ Karena sang aktris pemeran Snow White aktingnya tidak lebih baik dari snowman, hahah *harsh mode on*.

Dari segi cerita, menurut saya banyak adegan-adegan yang ga masuk akal dan ga penting. Oke lah, ini kan diangkat dari dongeng, yang namanya dongeng memang kadang ga masuk di akal, jadi masih saya maafkan. Masalahnya, kalau memang dari segi cerita ga original, harusnya diimbangi dengan elemen visual yang wow, atau improvisasi cerita. Dari segi visual memang cukup menghibur sih, sedikit. Sementara improvisasinya… ga penting dan bikin ceritanya tambah ga masuk akal. Agh.

Yah, tapi tak apalah, yang penting… bisa nonton bioskop sambil ngemil popcorn! ūüôā

First World Problems: Summer Weekend's Night


Drunk people… drunk people everywhere T__T

Four semesters… passed.

Meneruskan tradisi, seperti apa yang sebelumnya ditulis di sini, sana, dan situ. Waktu semester ketiga selesai kemarin entah kenapa mood untuk menulis enggan muncul, jadinya tak terdokumentasi deh ;p. Sekarang, empat semester terlewati sudah, sudah 2 tahun! Harusnya sih sudah lulus, tapi apa daya, thesis masih stuck di halaman introduction, hahahah.

Sedikit cerita tentang kampus di Bolzano… I love it more than the one in Nancy! Kenapa? Karena kalau misalnya saya keluar dari kamar berangkat jalan kaki menuju kampus, sambil mendengarkan mp3, pas satu lagu selesai saya sudah sampai di depan pintu kelas ^^. Sementara di Nancy, setengah jam naik bus menuju kampus, dan kadang terjadi tragedi terutama ketika ada demo. Jadi intinya… probabilitas saya bolos kuliah jauh lebih kecil di Bolzano ;).

Jumlah total mata kuliah yang saya ambil di semester III ada 4, antara lain:
1. Digital Library
2. XML Data Management
3. Computational Linguistics
4. Theory of Computing

Selain itu saya mengambil 2 buah project, yang satu hanya 2 credit, satu lagi 8 credit. Project 2 credit sudah saya selesaikan di semester III lalu, sementara project 8 credit baru saja minggu lalu laporannya selesai.

Mari kita bahas satu per satu mata kuliah dan dua project itu…

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Caldo Intenso!

Now I realized… the blue and white color at that time is so much better than this.

I’m burrrning here…¬†

Biking Trip: The Waterfall Quest

Setelah tertunda 2 minggu karena cuaca yang tidak memungkinkan dan faktor lainnya, akhirnya rencana biking trip¬†yang sempat saya sebut di sini terlaksana juga. Yap, setelah 2 minggu mengumpulkan keberanian untuk mencoba bersepeda jarak jauh *termasuk gladi resik sehari sebelumnya untuk mengingat kembali gimana caranya naik sepeda ;p*, akhirnya saya memutuskan… ikut!!

Walaupun ga punya sepeda tak jadi masalah, karena ada tempat penyewaan sepeda dengan cukup membayar 1 euro untuk 6 jam. Sehabis makan siang, untuk mengisi perut dan menyiapkan tenaga, kami langsung berangkat. Sayangnya, sepeda yang tersisa di tempat penyewaan sepeda hanya tinggal sepeda berkeranjang, housewife bike katanya, soalnya yang biasa dipake ibu-ibu buat belanja itu loh ;).

Seperti yang diduga, karena saya belum terbiasa dengan sepedanya, jalannya masih oleng-oleng. Apalagi waktu masih harus berkendara di jalur bersama (bareng mobil dan bus), ga pede >_<. Tapi setelah masuk ke jalur khusus sepeda, mulai lancar dan bisa menikmati perjalanan. Syuuuu…

And then… suddenly I flew and landed with my face, ahahahah. Yap, mungkin karena saya terlalu jumawa, ga hati-hati, akhirnya menabrak pembatas jalan dan saya pun terlempar ke depan ^^;. Padahal itu baru 15 menit perjalanan, ckckck. Untungnya cuma memar lutut dan tangan, plus bibir sobek sedikit. Lanjut? Pastinyaa..

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