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Welcoming 2017 and My 2016 in Review

A little bit late, but… hello, 2017! 🙂

I’ve planned and started two commitments for this year. The first one…

The second one is something that I actually started 3 years ago, yes, to master German (with Duolingo)! I’m going to start a stickK commitment soon, after a paper deadline. It seems to be an interesting concept, a friend has tried and recommended it. The idea is: you set your goals, then you can set a referee who verifies your reports. You can also (optionally) set the stakes, in which the money can go to either a friend or foe, charity, or anti-charity, if you fail your commitment. Let’s see how it goes 😉

As for my 2016 in review, inspired by a friend who reviewed his year by embedding the highlight of his tweets for each month, I’m going to do the same! But I don’t tweet anymore, so I’ll embed my Facebook posts instead.

TL;DR: 2016 was a great and hectic but exciting year for me. A year of change and transition. I finished my PhD. I went home for 2,5 weeks. I started a Postdoc position, moved to Germany. I went to Japan for the first time, went back again two months later. And finally I turned 30.

Now, let’s start with…

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La Bicicleta

by Carlos Vives & Shakira. If I think of summer 2016, I will have this song playing in the background 🙂

As a beginner cyclist–my first biking trip was four years ago, only one year after I learned how to ride a bike–, I’m quite satisfied with the biking trips I did this summer: Bolzano-Terlan-Bolzano (30 km), Bolzano-Salorno (34 km) and Saarbrücken-Sarreguemines (20 km). Through these trips I learned that my current limit is 30 km, and on the last two trips I took a train back home 😛 . Well, baby steps, next time it will be 40 km.

The picture on the left–my cousin Dhika and Simon– was from the first trip to Terlan, right after I defended my thesis, so I was feeling super free and happy, and in the I-can-do-everything mood. The right one–credit to Daria– was from the last trip to Sarreguemines, in which I was the slowest one in the group 😀 , but I still enjoyed it a lot. The weather was super nice (for Saarbrücken).

I learned my limit quite harshly actually, from the second trip (until Salorno). I was quite sure I could make it to Mezzocorona, just 8 km more, but first I wanted to have a short break. Unfortunately, I stopped too close to the (quite) steep riverbank, and my cramped leg failed to bear my weight, so I tumbled down. Thanks to some bushes I didn’t get wet 😛 , but I paid my price because some of the bushes are stinging nettles.

Anyway, that doesn’t stop me… I will definitely go for another bike trips! 😉


Yes, I’m addicted to Zumba! 😀 I’d been wanting to try it since last year, and finally last month I had a courage to join a course here, offered by the Saarland University sports center. I didn’t know that I would have so much fun!

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