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Playing with duoLingo

Da die Katze viel freie Zeit hat, lernt sie Deutsch, so dass sie mit der Familie des Bären sprechen kann. Sie lernt mit einem Spiel, welches duoLingo heißt. Es ist interessant! Die Katze lernt so schnell.

I knew of duoLingo for the first time on one of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) seminars, as one of prominent online courses for language. At that time I was thinking, “Hmmm… interesting”, but that’s all, I didn’t even bother to try it.

However recently, my friends were talking about it, that they learn Italian through this game, beating each other in the leaderboard. It is quite great especially when you have nothing else to do and want to defeat the boredom by doing something useful. So I decided to visit the site, and was excited when I saw that they have an app for it. The app is cool! Because having the game in my mobile phone, I can play while waiting for the bus or train, or even on the bus/train ride, or on the bed before going to sleep… perfect!

Now I’m on level 7 of German ^^ I hope I can finish the lesson (game) soon and move to the next step, watching movies or reading something in German. My goal is a basic German comprehension *for the upcoming ski holiday with the bear’s family on February ;)* so that I could at least understand what people are talking about. Participating in the conversation is of course the ultimate goal, but learning a language is like baby steps, don’t rush it :p.

And then after that… Italian! 😀

Cheers, optimistic cat 😉

Cat Scratch Pad: Whiteboard Wall Sticker

The idea comes from the bear actually. He’s been wanting to have a whiteboard, but unfortunately, the dorm where he stays is not so flexible about things one can put on the wall. I like the idea, I mean… sometimes we need to write or sketch things down out of our mind, and using a whiteboard will save some papers. Save papers, save trees. Besides, in my new flat I have empty spaces on the wall and I’m free to put anything I like on it *I will have to repaint the wall at the end of the contract anyway*.

At first, we looked for a traditional whiteboard. The small ones, e.g. 60 x 40 cm, are not so expensive, but I don’t think that size is sufficient :p. So I searched for an alternative. I know that wall decals or wall stickers are popular nowadays, so there must be a whiteboard wall sticker. And yes there is, and it’s naturally less expensive than the traditional whiteboard! :D. Read more »

Benvenuti a casa mia!

After a series of living in dorms: a mini apartment in Nancy, a single room with shared bathroom and mini kitchen in Bolzano and a single room with private bathroom in Trento, I finally move to… my own flat! It’s called monolocale in Italian which basically means studio: the bedroom-living room-kitchen all in one space, and only the bathroom that is in a separate room.

I moved out from the comfortable Studentato San Bartolameo because there is a rule that a PhD student can stay in dorms (in Trento they are operated by Opera Universitaria) for the first year only. After that they kick us out like, “C’mon, you’re a grown up and already familiar with Trento.. go find your own place!” 😀

I started looking at the advertisements and collecting the phone numbers since 2 months before my contract ended, but it was difficult because… I don’t speak Italian that well *my Italian only works in the canteen and restaurants, i know… it’s been 2 years, shame on me* :(. So I decided to find it through an agency, which is the easiest way since the agent can speak English ^^, but requires extra money — I paid one month rent plus some taxes to the agency as the commission. Anyway… I found my cute small apartment!

It’s in Povo, quite far from the city center of Trento (around 3 km away, uphill), but only 10 minutes walk to my office ^^. I fell in love instantly when I saw this place, and it’s quite cheap compared with other monolocale in the city center. It’s in an old building *well almost all houses in Povo look like they were built centuries ago*, but the owner tried to make the interior looks new. And what I really like is that it is completely furnished, with complete kitchen utensils, matching set of bed cover, table cloth and curtains, tools.. everything!

Enough of the text, check out the pictures!

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Say Cheese! (Part 2)

Long long time ago… when I was still in France, I decided to start this cheesevestigation. But somehow it stopped abruptly. Perhaps after I courageously tried this cheese with blue mold, and that experience left me traumatized.. for a while :p.

Now that I’m in Italy, which also offers me a great variety of cheese, I will continue my investigation ^^. Here it goes…


I’m sure this cheese is already well-known around the world. It is originally from southern Italy, traditionally made from Italian buffalo and later cow’s milk by the pasta filata method (source: Wikipedia). It is usually used on top of pizza, or pasta. But it could also be consumed freshly as snack *grin*, or, my favorite, to be served in my salad with olive oil and balsamico.

picture is taken from here

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My Big Fridge

So, as I mentioned before here, I have my own balcony in my room. Well, actually shared with the neighbor next to my room, separated by a partition, but still big enough.

The most convenience advantage of having this, during the winter, is that I have my personal fridge… a very big one! :))

I don’t have to worry if I don’t have enough space in the shared fridge at the common kitchen. Yes, it is some kind of a battle to gain a space there. Most of the time I don’t throw empty boxes away until I buy the new ones :p.

The only drawback of this ‘big fridge’ of mine is that I have to open the window and go out from the warm room to the coldness when I want to get something from it. But only for a second so it’s still fine ;).

Addio Bolzano, Ciao Trento!

Actually, I’ve said goodbye to my sweet room in Rainerum since 3 weeks ago, but… at that time it didn’t feel like I’ve already moved out from Bolzano. Lots of my stuffs were still there, I still found myself eating in university canteen and hanging out with my friends there, and most importantly… I was still a student of Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, until around a week ago when I finally defended my Master thesis *I will talk about this later, I’m still waiting for pictures in my friend’s camera* :).

Now I could say I officially move to Trento!

uhmm, well, not completely, because some of my stuffs are still in Bolzano, and somehow I still spend some time there ^^;

Anyway, my new residence is called Residenze Universitarie San Bartolameo, a very cool residence managed by University Student Service (Opera Universitaria). It’s a very huge complex containing 6 buildings in total. My room is in the second floor of F-A building, the same building as the gym :D.

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