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2012-10-12: Defense Day

October 12, 2012. It’s been more than 3 weeks, but every minute of that day is still fresh in my memory. A very memorable day indeed 🙂

The day started very early, since they scheduled my defense to be at 9 AM. It’s pretty good actually, less time to feel anxious, and I was released from the pressure since early in the morning. I was the second person to go, after my friend, my LCT comrade who was suffering along with me during thesis time ;).

Thesis… Submitted!

Finally, exactly 2 weeks before the D-Day a.k.a defense day, I managed to finish my thesis and submitted 3 bound copies to the university. Why 3 I’m not sure, one of them will go to university library, and I’m supposed to get one back after the defense, the other one… perhaps because I have co-supervisor in different university.

Meniti Jalan Menuju Roma (part 3)

Langkah Ketiga – Surat Rekomendasi Salah satu persyaratan yang hampir pasti ada di setiap program adalah: letter of recommendation. Biasanya program meminta dua orang sebagai referral, alias yang memberikan rekomendasi. Salah satu yang paling memungkinkan adalah dosen wali waktu kuliah atau dosen pembimbing tugas akhir (skripsi). Atau mungkin juga atasan di tempat bekerja. Karena bidang program yang saya incar sesuai...