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IndoTimex for Indonesian Temporal Expressions

One question that got me thinking during the interviews with Google was, “Do you have any experience in building an NLP tool, like a tagger or a parser, for Indonesian language?”, and my answer was, “Well, ehem, not yet.”  I wonder why…

That’s why, during the last Christmas/New Year break *while waiting for the result of the interviews*, I decided to do something for Indonesian language :”>. Actually, almost the same thing I already did for Italian… building an automatic extraction system for Indonesian temporal expressions!

Extraction means recognizing time expressions given a text, then normalize their values. For example, if today’s date is March 25, 2015 (2015-03-25), then when the system found dua hari yang lalu [two days ago] the value will be normalized as 2015-03-23. I called the system: IndoTimex!

Women in Computer Science

picture is taken from here

It all started when someone sent me a link for the chance of travelling to the States for free :). The occasion is to attend the 2013 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference, in Minneapolis.

When I excitedly started filling the form, I found that there is one requirement to write an essay about “Women in Computer Science”. I started Googling for references, and came across this cool video.

The Magic of ‘Refine Edge’

Semua berawal dari… ketika saya membaca persyaratan untuk membuat visa, yang menyebutkan bahwa pas-foto harus berlatar belakang warna putih -_-. Sempat terpikir untuk foto ulang *toh sekarang beratnya menurun dibandingkan waktu bikin pas-foto terakhir :D*, tapi kok males ya. Akhirnya memutuskan… di-sotosop saja! ^^ *warna background-nya looh, bukan ‘berat badan’ nya* Awalnya mau pake tool andalan: Eraser Tool dan Brush...