Addicted to: Monkey Majik


Cuz’ I wanna fly, Fly me up so high
Take me to the skies, I won’t get by
Itsu made mo kimi no koe ga boku no michi ni aru sa
If you can’t believe me, take me home…


Lately, I’ve been addicted to Monkey Majik, soooo love ’em… One of their song, Fly, has became my ‘wake up call’ every morning… *though it makes me wanna go back to dream again… fufufu*

Who is Monkey Majik? *Truthfully, if my sister didn’t introduce them to me, I would never know of them*

They’re a band, formed by two Canadian brothers and two Japanese. Most of their song written in English, sometimes they put in Japanese too, since the Canadian brothers are fluent in Japanese.

Maynard ~> vocalist + guitar
Blaise ~> vocalist + guitar
tax ~> drum
DICK ~> bass

They debuted in Sendai, Japan in 2002, but they release their first major release single, Fly, in 2006.

Besides Fly, Picture Perfect & Pretty People have also caught my ear. Their music kinda light, which I prefer, and catchy. The lyrics, uhm.. not too deep *in my opinion*, but still.. enjoyable. Really want to have their album, but I don’t have time to search it *either in music store or through internet…* Anyone kind enough to share it with me? Hoho…

Anyway, have a listen… Fly, my favourite one…


3 thoughts on “Addicted to: Monkey Majik

  1. dith says:

    bu.. yg picture perfect ngaco dahh PV’nya.. wakakaka XDD
    ketauan dah si nee suka ngebongkar” file dith yg ada d kompii utama.. -___-

    lagi suka together… X) lagunya co cwiit.. kekekeke

    gyahaha.. ketauan deh suka ngoprek, download in album nya donk bo~~ >_<

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