Email from the Past

Dear you,

It’s me, one year ago of you, who writing this. Gimana rasanya kerja di samsung? Atau sekarang kau sudah di luar negeri mengambil s2? let me guess.. uhm.. korea? japan? or europe? Well, forgive me if you’re still stuck at samsung, hweheheh… At least you took s2 at management right? That’s because I got advice that s1 informatics or s2 informatics is not enough if you want to be a succesful businesswomen, hohoho..

Hope you’re not married yet, well if you do, once again forgive me for making that decision, believe me, I always try for you to have a bright future..

Gimana rumah untheg di Bogor? Semoga sudah selesai yah renovasinya.. Cause I promise to myself that I will give my help as far as I can… Soon as I get my first salary, hihi…

How bout pupule? Masih di tarakan? Hope you’ve already visit him in Tarakan, sebelum ditransfer lagi.. hehe.. Pengen deh ke Tarakan, pengen liat gimana sih tempat masa kecil ku dulu.. Cuma bisa membayangkan lewat foto…

Si ditul pa kabar? let me think… One year later… uhm… naik kelas 3 sma yah? Smoga dia dah tau mo masuk kuliah ke mana…

Lelek? masih dapet kiriman buku kah? Pasti masih, hehe…

How bout cats? Untheg? Is he still alive? Really hope he is.. Just think that he’s gone already make me feel sad… Potito? Masih buduk kah? hehe… Toh si mum sayang… Tipopo? Meah? Si ganteng meah, hehe… Kangen ngeliat gaya jalannya yang ekstrim.. Bubu? My bubuuuu… Tamtam? Moriii… Duh kangen sama mori, masih bawel kah? Nori, Kyuri? Snowy? Tumining? Alang?  Pasti dah dibuang sama mumule karna beranak mulu, hihi…

Hey, please don’t regret everything you have at this moment, just because of my wrong decision ok?

Me, who always think of you…

composed on Wednesday, August 20, 2008, and sent via, and of course, edited a lil bit, coz there are some parts that’s just… private.

Yep, that’s me one year ago. My wish, my hope at that time, and it reminds me that there are still much things to do in my life. Oh, and the ‘married’ part, makes me giggle when I read that ^__^

But I have to say something to the ‘me one year ago’… You didn’t make a wrong decision or anything, coz I’m sooo happy with my life right now v(^__^)v  Instead, I wanna thank you for all of the things you’ve done.

*’me right now’, enjoying my life…*

7 thoughts on “Email from the Past

  1. ditaa says:

    ihihihi dith ikutan nyoba. tau gtu ngirim k 2 taun ajah yah.. tpi setaun pengen tau juga. hahaha

    minggu depan pulang. libur lebaran langsung ajarin dith bikin web!

  2. Ahmy says:

    hey mit. hehe tulisan yang lucu juga.. especially this part

    ” Hope you’re not married yet, well if you do, once again forgive me for making that decision, believe me, I always try for you to have a bright future..”

    so you think it’s a bad decision ei ? haha..

    harunya buat artike juga mit buat balesan email tersebut


  3. paramitopia says:

    @ahmy: hehehe.. at that time, when I imagined that a year later I’ve already been married.. well, yes, it’s a not-so-good decision, hohoho..

    hummh, tadinya udah mau bikin, tapi.. malu ^^; hihihi…

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