I Wish I…

hhhhh… during this totally boring jobless period, I wish I…

  • got another project which can be done remotely *hmmm.. membayangkan duit tambahan masuk ke tabungan, sluurrrp..*
  • can making some papercraft model *buka-buka situs papercraft? masih bisa… print polanya pake printer kantor? bisaa, malah jadi keliatan sibuk kerja… ambil gunting dan lem terus taro di meja? bos mulai curiga… mulai gunting-gunting pola? “what the hell are you doing?!” geplak…”*
  • got Adobe Flash installer so I can make this idea in my mind come true *lagi pengen bikin buku pake page flip, for a still-in-secret-event surprise…*
  • can bring bungbung ~my hyperactive kitty~ here, and play with him *bungbuuuung.. sini-sini, ayo mainn..*
  • can magically fast forward the time until 17.10 *using magic remote from ‘Click’ maybe??*

hummm… what else? any suggestion? hohoho… owh, one thing for sure, I can definitely update my blog with this junk post…

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