I’m late and I’m pissed off

I’m late.
For 5 minutes.

This morning,
I really didn’t wanna wake up.
Wish I could just skip this day.

Don’t want to go to work.
Today, I hate the office. Insanely.
But I push myself to get up,
and drag my feet to bathroom.

End up I’m being late.
For 5 minutes.

Entering the office,
I met with this guy.
Not my direct boss.
But here, you will find
all the guys from ‘kimchi country‘,
act as THE BOSS.
Of course they will.
It was them who own this company.

He stare at me,
and murmur in his language.
I don’t really understand his words.
But I can tell from his expression,
he’s judging me.
For me being late.
And I’m pissed off.

Hey you!
People can be late,
for once, twice in a lifetime.
People can have a bad day.
People can have an unavoidable accident.
People can be late.

I’m late,
and I’m pissed off.
Mostly, with myself, for being late.


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