Corner Forest

CornerForest3*picture taken from here*

Gosh, I really really really want this hanging in my room >_<. This superb art was created by Yuken Teruya. He manipulates everyday objects, transforming their meanings to reflect on contemporary society and culture. As you may see in above and below picture, those beautiful carved branches was made only using toilet paper roll.

CornerForest1*picture taken from here*

Hummmh… Considering the material and technique required, I think I can make it myself *ahaha… as usual, overestimating my skill*.  Well, maybe not as beautiful as Yuken Teruya sensei’s work, but at least it can be interpreted as tree branches ^^;

Okay then, including this one, I have 3 pending projects:

  • the ‘Whatever Clock
  • this Corner Forest, it can be concluded in ‘Beautifying My Room’ project as one of my 2010 new year resolution
  • ‘Silva Project’ for still-a-secret occasion *if only my mom or dad don’t read this blog ;p*

The only thing I need is… TIME!!! *sigh*

*what about, quitting my job?? wow, such a devilish thinking :D*

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