Home Sweet Home :)

Ehem… Here’s the thing, I’ve got sooo many leisure time lately. Either at the office, or even after I get home. So I decided to ‘build’ a ‘home’, a sweet one. Just like what I imagine what my future house will be ^^. Here here, take a peek…

Just go to http://www.paramitopia.com, or click the house image with ‘paramitopia’s home’ written on it *see the right sidebar, on top… yep, there you go ;p*, then you will arrive at my new ‘home’, safe and sound. And just like what was said,

“Try click on anything then you may get to know something ;)”

For example, click the ‘open book’, and you will arrive at this blog. I have a plan to make all the objects in that ‘room’ lead you to something, that will tell you more about me. But, well, that plan still needs some more works to do ^^;

*psssst, I’ll give you a clue, try the ‘air balloon’ or the ‘photos on the wall’*

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