La Promenade du Soir

This evening I decided to take a walk, alone, to refresh my mind. There’s so much going on in my head lately, and I really need to sort it out, one by one. Walking alone is always my favorite way to do it :). Fortunately, Nancy is perfect for that. Besides, it can give you, dear readers, more or less what kind of city Nancy is ^^. I know that it is rarely heard when you think about cities in France.

Before I start, I must warn you that this post will be full of pictures ^^. Okay then, let’s start with… my room.

That’s the view from my room window, quite good eh? 🙂 One thing I love about Nancy is the sky, so… clear.

The weather is nice, let’s go outside. Here is the building where I live for the next few months *I don’t know, maybe later I want to find shared apartment which will cost me cheaper*, Résidence Universitaire Provençal.

Avenue de Strasbourg. Rue Mademoiselle, where Provençal is located, is going right. Meanwhile, let’s take a walk to the left, to the river, which is the route we take these past 2 days to go to where the French lesson is conducted. Actually, that’s the only route I know ^^;.

Auchan, Carrefour’s rival ^^;. So glad that this big supermarket is located near my place, It would be easier when I need to buy anything. It’s only about 5 minutes walk.

And this is why I decided to go out. The weather is so nice!! ^^ The sun decided to show itself, I feel… warm. Fyuhh, I really need that >_<.

Let’s go to Rives de Muerthe! Turn… right.

IRR, L’Institut Régional de Médecine Physique et de Réadaptation. Hummmh, maybe a hospital? Well, quite a big hospital, by the river.

Yep, Rives de Meurthe. I spent some time here, just to think, about many things. One of them is, “What will happen if I jump from here?” :))

And the next thing I do was just walking alongside the river. Taking picture of anything that I found interesting.

Hummmh, wait… Where am I?? Japan or France? ;p

So far, this is my favourite spot ^^. If you curious what I saw there, here here…

And this one…

I can imagine what they were saying… “Salut!” “Salut! Ça va?” “Ça va bien” “Super!”. Yeah, French lesson 5 hours a day made me a little bit… imaginative ^^;

Looks like they had some kind of swimming competition going on there. “Ready? Set.. Go!!” 😉

That building in the middle is where I take my intensive French course for the next 3 weeks. From home to there is approximately 30 minutes by walk. And we always walk there, well, I’m getting used to it now ^^;.

It’s already late, half past seven already. Time go home, I have to make dinner ^^. Tired of walking, I decided to use the tram, and then take a bus.

Ah, but I forgot to bring my wallet T___T. That means I have to walk home. On my way home, in front of Auchan, suddenly I was called by this mademoiselle. She brought sooo many plastic bags and a big box *maybe she had just shopped at Auchan*, looks like she alone couldn’t handle those things. She started talking, in French of course. And I said my magic words “Je ne comprends pas” ^^;

But she insisted to talk to me, with not so good English. From her gesture I can guess she wanted me to help her carry her things. She said something about Strasbourg street. In the end, I end up walking with her, with this so heavy box in my hand. Actually it’s a good thing, coz’ I got the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned at the French course :)).

“I’m 30 :)” “Oh, j’ai vingt-trois ans..” “Aaah, you speak French?” “Je parle un petit peu français”

…then she talked in French and I didn’t understand a word, and said my magic words again =))

Turns out her house not too far away from Provençal. Across her house there was this beautiful house, its wall is decorated nicely, with plants. I want one like that ^^. After that I went home, and started to prepare for dinner. Spaghetti!!

Looks good rite? 😉

After 3 hours of walking, 10 minutes of weightlifting exercise *thanks to the mademoiselle ^^*, yummy dinner, and 3 hours of writing this post, I think I wanna go to sleep now *fuwaaah ~_~*

Bonne nuit ^^

13 thoughts on “La Promenade du Soir

  1. Safitri says:

    Comment Ça va? Je suis heureux pour voir et lire votre écriture. Pour votre problème, j’esperé tu vas trouve un chemin. Tu dois être heureux parce que tu peux aller à Rome. J’envie à vous 😉

  2. paramitopia says:

    hummmh, oke, let’s see.. *baca komen sambil buka google translate* :))

    @bosbes: gyaaa… merci beaucoup ^^ ehem, tentu saja ada sedikit bantuan dari mang sotosop ;p tapi sepertinya saya memang jago, ahahaha *sombong*

    @mbak uul: thx mbaak, sampe malu dilihatin orang jepret sana sini mlulu..

    @mbak mpit: ça va bien 🙂 ahh, oui, je vais trouver un chemin, merci ^^ bukankah kata bang Oma, banyak jalan menuju Roma? *hahah, ga nyambung*

    @mbak dindun: mari berdoa mbak, semoga Indonesia ga terus-terusan jadi negara berkembang >_< @ooze: yooooooow ^^ yup, the dogs and ducks really succeeded to put a wide grin upon my face 😀 @mbak tiar: iya nih >_< untung ada mbah google... @mbak nyun: iya canon ^^ uhmm, paling main2 di contrast, brightness, vibrance, sama saturation aja *bisanya cuma itu :))*

    @mbak erva: hehe… mana poto2 korea nya mbaaak? hihi ^^

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