Mr. Green Bag and a lovely skirt

Hello everyone!! My name is Bag, Green Bag *with James Bond accent*. Let me tell you the story of my life. Hope you like it 🙂

My owner had just bought me a couple of days ago. She said that she fell for my skin tone. Yes, I do have a great green skin tone, and I very proud of it ^^. I had just met her yesterday, she’s a very nice lady. I’m sure she will take a good care of me.


But then, I heard she’s mumbling to herself in front of the mirror while holding me, “hummmh, why green? Do I have green clothes to match this? Maybe I should’ve just bought the brown one…”. At that very moment I feel so sad :((. I couldn’t make my owner happy. Wish I had more common skin tone, maybe brown, or black >_<

After that, she opened her wardrobe, and suddenly her face changed. I didn’t get it at first, but at the next second I understood. I found my soulmate XD. No wonder my owner looked so happy.


Yeah, together we’ll be unbeatable!! Now, we just have to find the other companions to complete my owner’s look. Maybe this will do.


The only one missing now is the shoe. I hope my owner will find it soon. Oh, I really can’t wait for my debut appearance!

That’s my story. I wish, from now on, my owner and I will have a great time together, and I will be her fave bag. Wish me luck!!

p.s.: pssst… I hear she says something about ‘damn uniform’. I feel sorry for her, because she has to wear that boring uniform for most of the time. Yep, and that means I will only be used in very rare occasions *sigh* -_-

~The End~

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4 thoughts on “Mr. Green Bag and a lovely skirt

  1. nyun.yuni says:

    masa ijo2 semua, tabrak2 lucu jg lho
    km kan punya dress apa rok yah(??) yg kuning gt, cocok jg tuh.. 😉
    item-item, tas ijo, sepatu merah..iiih lucu juga 😀
    salam fashion stylist*halah :))*

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