Saturday Night at La Place Stanislas

La Place Stanislas at night ^^ Très belle vue, I just… love it!

Actually, I also spent my Friday night here, with some friends. But at that time we were focusing on finding food, for dinner ^^; so I didn’t have time to stop by and take pictures.

Uhmm, I’m such a newbie and amateur at photography, taking picture of night view is so very difficult for me. It takes a lot of shots *and time* before I can get the perfect one ;p. And sometimes, after that quite a lot shots, the pictures still aren’t that good *sigh*.

So, on Saturday night, I decided to go out there, alone. Besides, staying in my room only get me depressed -_-. I went at 8 o’clock in the evening, when the sun started to hide itself. In Nancy, you really can’t rely on bus or tram after 8 o’clock, so you have to walk everywhere at night >.<.

But it’s okay, it was so cold, around 8 °C according to this. Walking is the only way to get warmed. Also, walking will give you a better view of everything, and enough time for taking pictures ;p.

I don’t know the name of this beautiful cathédrale ^^;. It is located in the Strasbourg avenue, not so far away from my residence. I will find out more about this cathédrale later ;).

Passed through Place des Vosges à Nancy on the way *there is also Place des Vosges at Paris*. This is kinda a milestone for me, that I had already walked halfway to Place Stanislas ^^.

And finally… I arrived! Fyuhh, after quite a long walk, 2,5 km in 30 minutes.

Time for taking pictures!! ^^

Okay, a little bit about La Place Stanislas. Got it from here ^^.

The square was a major project in urban planning dreamt up by Stanislaw Leszczynski, Duke of Lorraine and former King of Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth, as a way to link the medieval old town of Nancy and the new town built under Charles III in the 17th century. The square would also be a place royale to honor his son-in-law, Louis XV.

The place is full of people ^^, and.. couples are everywhere -_-. This is the true nighttime of Nancy. Around my residence, it will get so quiet *like a dead city* during the night.

Uhm, wait… had I just time-travelled? :)) There is a bunch of la noblesse. Unfortunately my friend couldn’t make it here last night. I wish I can have a picture with them ^^;.

It’s almost 10 o’clock. People started to gather round in front of the biggest building. Why? Because it’s show time!! ^^

It’s called ‘spectacle de son et lumière’Son in French means sound, and lumière means light. So when it’s combined and projected to the biggest building at La Place Stanislas as the big screen… très magnifique! ^^

The title of the show is “Rendez-vous Place Stanislas”. One quote I remember in this show is, “le vrai bonheur consiste à faire des heureux” which means: true happiness lies in making others happy. Yep, others, not everyone. Because whatever you do, however wonderful it may be, you can’t make everyone happy. There will always be some people who won’t like what you do.

Here, I made a recorded video for you ;). The show lasted about 30 minutes, but since my digicam battery is low *and dead in the middle of the show -_-*, I can only give you this much… Enjoy!!


See? Spending saturday night time alone didn’t seem to be a bad idea ^^ But still, I wish I could be there with someone. Oh, well…

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