This first? Or that?

“You should define your priority”

Someone told me that not so long ago, while I was busy ‘clicking’ and ‘scrolling’ in, though i have much much more important thing to do *which is much much less interesting* ^^;

As a defense, I do have priority for things! Let’s see, in weekday it would be:

  1. work/job –> of course, there’s responsibility involved
  2. eat
  3. have a little fun –> simply listen to music is already considered as having fun
  4. household chores –> like do laundry, cleaning things, but only if I need to
  5. rest

And in weekend it would be:

  1. rest
  2. household chores –> do weekend laundry, cleaning things that haven’t been cleaned for a week :p
  3. have fun
  4. eat
  5. work/job

Hummh, turns out being the total opposite of weekday list ^^; But, sometimes when it’s urgently needed, the work/job can be at the top of the weekend list. See? I do have defined my priority :p

It’s just that, sometimes, my priority list get messed up by two things which I can’t control. That is, the urge to finish what’s been done halfway, and the urge to write down what’s been built up in my mind.

The first one, ┬áobviously, just like what I was said earlier. I can’t help but reading a book or comic/manga until the very last page, even though it means I cannot get to sleep. Or watching a TV series or Japan/Korea drama until I know what happen in the last episode. Or finish some handicraft project until I can look at the result proudly. But those only happen when they’re only about halfway to be finished *only the interesting ones can last halfway*. I still can quit myself when it’s still at the beginning.

And then, the second one. That’s exactly what I’m doing right now ^^; I’m supposed to write some research proposal, yet my fingers are typing these words that resound in my head. I need to get them out right away, coz I’m pretty sure tomorrow morning I don’t remember any of them.

Okay, maybe I should change this habit, and re-define my priority ^^; Ah, well, my priority for now is get some rest. Re-defining my priority can wait ’til tomorrow ­čśë

Smell ya later… ZzzzzZzzzZZzzzzZ…

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