To: Pupule

Since I’m so far far away from you, and even making a phone call is very difficult for me, I’m gonna say it here…

Happy birthday, you’re not getting old
Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold
Wrinkles and grey hair, are just a new look
Countless experiences, you should write in a book.

Happy ‘a half century plus one’ birthday!!

Wish you a wonderful life ahead, healthy body and soul, and great family *well, you’ve already had one ;p*. Please wait for the birthday present… 2 years from now XD. Or maybe you want to get it before that, come here to see me, hoho… and don’t forget to bring Mum and Dith with you. Ah, and please bring Nando also *and Mbah Tuteg, Minyuu, Snowie, Tamtam, Potito, etc.*… I will be veeery happy to welcome you all ^^.

Oh, and lastly…

I really hope that you choose the ‘healthier’ path ­čśë

With so much love,

your Tutul

One thought on “To: Pupule

  1. pupule says:

    Dear Tutul,

    Thanks ya…, ini hadiah ultah yg paling berkesan seumur hidup pul..
    I always love all of you..! But I still missed the hug from our cats..
    Pls be strong and keep the spirit there…!


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