Buon Natale, e Buon Compleanno!


*I’m so sorry for the poor quality, I’m a total beginner XD. And so very sorry to my dear roommate, Wannee, as my numerous attempts to record this performance might disturb your attempt to sleep ^^;

Anyway… as I sang in the song, I’ve been dreaming of a white Christmas, and I guess I can only dream about it. Where’s the snow?? >_<

Once again… Merry christmas! Buon natale! Selamat hari natal! and…

Happy birthday… for me 🙂 With this, I’ve reached one of the important milestone in my life, quarter a century… ugh. Made me thinking what I’ve done and what can I do for these 25 years, I can say… not much. So starting from now, I want to fill my future years with so many new experiences, and learning new things (and old things that I’m still not really good at :D).

Let me start with, learn how to play new musical instrument *everyone… say hi to my dear buddy, Ukuli ;p yes, this is (one of) my self-birthday-present*. I’ve been wanting to learn how to play guitar, but I guess ukulele suits me better. It’s so cute! And my fingers won’t have to suffer much ^^v. The second mission would be… finishing all the projects that I’ve started, including my thesis. I really hope I can finish my master program… with difficulties that I can handle *because ‘without any difficulties’ is just impossible :p*.

Lastly, my birthday wish… is one secret I’ll never tell 😉 Ciao!

6 thoughts on “Buon Natale, e Buon Compleanno!

    • paramitopia says:

      hahah.. makasih bosbes 😀 iya nih gondrong, tukang cukur di sini mahal bener sih ;p kayaknya pulang nanti udah sepinggang deh..

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