Golden Fall in Trento

Last week I went to Trento (┬▒40~60 minutes by train from Bolzano) to discuss the project that will be extended to become my thesis, for only… 3 and a half hours :(. Departed from Bolzano at 9 in the morning, got there around 10, then I had to go back soon because I had class at 4.

It was so cold that day, and i had to walk to and from the train station early in the morning (I think 9~10 AM are still considered ‘early in the morning’.. on winter, rite? ;p). Brrr.. But, seeing this view, I guess it could make me a lil’ bit warmer inside (actually.. not, this is just for the sake of writing an interesting paragraph ;p).

Too bad that I couldn’t capture the falling leaves. I love it, so much! It feels like a shower of golden coins $_$. I have the same feeling as when I’m standing below a hot water shower, and feel reluctant to shut the valve off.

And I feel like… I’m walking on sunshine! ­čÖé

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