Headless Signor Shower

Time of death… 10.05 AM, this morning.

Actually I had this bad feeling this morning, since I woke up. The feeling of… “I don’t want to get out from this blanket! Should I skip the class?”. Errr, well, actually it happens almost every morning ­čśë

Anyway, half an hour before the class start, I managed to force myself to go to the bathroom, and took a shower. Then it happened.. I don’t exactly know what happened, since I was still half awake, but signor shower became headless right after, uh oh! X(

So the plan was… plan A: skip the class, find a really powerful superglue, and fix it temporarily.. But, what if the glue can’t hold, then.. plan B: buy a new one and replace it myself, which I really doubt will be a successful case, so.. plan C: tell the guy in charge of the residence and hope they’ll fix it soon.

After some considerations *while preparing to go to class*, I chose the last resort. Before I stepped out from the residence, I told the guy in charge *he was in his office fortunately, he’s never there most of the time*, with a very sad sad face, that I accidentally broke the shower. And he replied, surprisingly with a happy face, “Okay, I’ll send a technician to your room! Don’t worry!”. I asked him whether I should pay to replace it, then he said, “We’ll see later, if it’s really bad then I will tell you”.

Thank God I chose that last plan, because.. first, I didn’t skip the class, only a couple of minutes late; second, after having lunch and came home… We’ve already had a brand new one that functions well! Hurray!! Fyuhh~

Until now I haven’t got any word from him that I have to pay. Hopefully I don’t have to. But I have a feeling that he made a note about that somewhere, and will deduct it from my deposit money ^^; We’ll see…

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