Hello June!

…and welcome holiday! Well, actually it’s still not a total holiday for now, but in two weeks from now… it will be, yeah! *all classes and exams are over, but there is still this thing called project -_-*

With June arriving it means that I’ve already been here for 9 months. And my first year of study is almost over. Phew, time flies reaaally fast, eh? 😉 Soon I will have to think about the topic for my thesis, no no no, let’s put that aside for now.

There are times when I really missed home so much, especially the food *one time during class, instead of writing notes about the lecture, I compiled a list of food that I must eat when I get back home someday ^^;*. But now, I don’t feel that anymore. Because… I’m going home soon! Yeah, that ‘missing home so badly’ feeling is now changed into the enthusiastic feeling of anticipation of going home.

Actually I’ve already booked a ticket to go home in the middle of August. But since I will probably have nothing to do here on July, I’m going to reschedule my flight. Really hope it’ll work without any problem. Wish me luck!

Now, looking back to May, oh nooo… there is no post archived on May! When actually there are so much things going on. My day trip to Alsace. Visiting tulip in Keukenhof, and the city of bike, Amsterdam. ‘Indonesian-Nancéiens family’ gathering at Toul. LCT student meeting, which is unfortunately held at Nancy this year, so I have no reason to go on trip.

After these deadline things over I’ll dedicate a post for each of them, I promise. Or… maybe I can do it now? hohoho 👿 We’ll see…

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